Pinterest Favourites #15

Monday, March 24, 2014

Another week has begun meaning more obsessive pinteresting! But don't expect too much of the unusual- it's all the standard things again!

Black Druzi Wool Blanket
Ok I just realised that this is a blanket. I had
originally thought this was a scarf but this just
makes it 100% times more awesome. It looks
so cosy!
Williams-Sonoma Ice Cream Brittle | Stout Design
Ice Cream Cone Brittle
I love this vintage type packaging! It's so cute and just makes it look really
tasty! I'm not normally a fan of yellow but this looks great.
Mint chair
A Happy Home New Workspace- Enter My Attic
This work space is so cute. I love that they've used a a slight pattern on the back
wall. I also love the dip dyed chair railings. The mint colour is also brilliant too! Really
want this work space!
Polka dots You are a star porcelain home decor by delphineandmax, £6.00
You're A Star- Delphine and Max
This is such a cute little gift and a perfect one for mothers day!

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  1. Love that blanket! Dip dyed chair railings are cool, never seen them before!

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    1. It looks so cosy! :3 and I've similar ideas, but with like the chair legs. Have to admit though, I do prefer the actual chair railings!



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