Pinterest Favourites #13

Monday, March 10, 2014

This past week I haven't really been just doing any general pinning as I have been a tiny bit obsessed about my current project at college! So I thought I'd share a few of my initial favourite bits and pieces that have formed my research so far. 
*edit: I almost forgot to mention, for my research into this brief as well, I have created a survey. I have already posted about it on Facebook and Twitter but if you haven't filled out yet it would help if you could. You can fill it out here
Paper Cut Artwork - love the cutting and the quote
I am literally in love with this type of paper crafting! It is so
beautiful and it looks simple even though it's not.  I already
have an idea on how I would use this within my design but I
feel like it's going to be really hard...
Paper Dragoon by INK Studio
Paper Dragon by Ink Studio
This is just bloody brilliant! You would never believe this is only made from
paper and then edited. I feel like this would be a really good idea to work on
for my own brief but I need to work out a way that would be fitting.

By Helen Musselwhite, for Happinez Magazine in The Netherlands she was commissioned to produce 12 illustrations for their monthly horoscope page.
Happinez Magazine Horoscope by Helen Musselwhite
Helen has been my favourite designer to find through this unit so far!
All her designs are incredibly brilliant and look amazing. It's a very similar
idea to the piece above but it's a lot simpler and I feel it's something I
could achieve.

Follow the Star pop-up book
I have also been looking into pop-up books and I
really like this idea. However, I'm not sure how easily
these type of designs would be as engaging to adults
as they are to children.
Paper Art - Beauties Woodland Cottage by Helen Musselwhite
Beauties Woodland Cottage by Helen Musselwhite
Another Helen Musselwhite entry wooo! I love this idea of tunnel art. The
colours are shapes work so well. And the use of different colours from
foreground to background give a more definitive idea of depth to it.
origami bunnies
Origami Bunny
Aw how adorable are these little origami bunnies?! I have to admit even
though I love origami a lot, I don't feel that it's a route I will be taken to
my final solution as I personally feel it's 'overdone'.
That's generally the kind of things I've been obsessing over for my research for my brief. I will be writing a full post on this brief later in the week and I will be sharing my updates weekly throughout it too. 

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  1. Thanks for the comments on my blog! I'm glad I found yours because its filled with so much stuff I love =) and you should definitely take part in the snail mail trade if they do another one, they are so much fun!

    I can't believe these are all made from paper, I think the Foxes one is my favourite but that Dragon is impressive.


    1. No worries! And thank you so much.
      It is literally amazing what some people can do with paper- just hope mine looks good to! And yeah the fox is my favourite too but the Dragon is brilliant.

  2. Got to love paper art...I love love love Rob Ryan :)
    Lovely blog,
    Gemma :)

    1. I know! He's amazing and thank you! :)

  3. These are all so amazing, I love the origami bunnies! I always forget to look at Pinterest when I've got a new project brief as I was always more into Tumblr, but I've been getting into it recently and I've realised how great it is xx
    Lazy Thoughts

    1. I know it's brilliant! I used to be such a tumblr fanatic and would never be of it. But I just love how easy to use Pinterest is and how you can easily pin stuff from other websites and that you can put them into certain boards. :)



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