Pinterest Favourites #12

Monday, March 03, 2014

Another entry of Pinterest Favourites! I haven't been very obsessed with pinning anything specifically this week, well, I don't think I did. But let's take a looky!

Blog: Intricate Drawings on Wood - Doodlers Anonymous
Intricate Draiwngs on Wood by Camellie
How brilliant are these illustrations? Love all the abstract
shapes and the contract against the wood.
origami pin
Squirrel Origami Pin
OMG! This pin is amazing. It's so cute and just ignore the mint colour...again.
Office Supplies & Desktop Stuff by DIY Ordie
I don't know why- it might just be my 'graphic design nerd' but the layout
of this is brilliant. The balance of it and the colours! It just goes together
so well that I just want to stare at it all day. 
We love this unique beverage re-design by Sara Stanger. Who said bottles had to be held in typical packaging covering the bottle? People love to see things that are fresh and unique- put your team up to the challenge: stand out! #RetailPackaging
Juice Squeeze Redesign by Sara Stranger
I know, I know! More design geekyness. But how
cute and pretty is this packaging? Not to mention
it looks delicious! 
#penpal #mailfun #mail #correo #post #sobre #creative #letters #cartas #envelope #letter #card #idea #inspiration #love #nice #cute #fun #colorful #stationery #snailmail
Postcards by lilymoon
The artwork on these postcards are adorable and so
beautiful! Someone want some snail mail?
Next week I already know that is going to be very paper orientated due to my new college brief/graded unit! I'm so excited about it and have already gone a bit crazy within a few hours!
If you fancy peeking at those pins now you can do so over @LaurenGemmaHay.

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  1. I think I repinned those postcards from you! They are so cute :)

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars

  2. Ha! That squirrel pin is lovely! I think you are fuelling my mint obsession... just can't stop using it now!

    Lesley | Finch Five

    1. I know! I would end up not wearing it if I got it though! :/ And haha it's a brilliant colour though!



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