Graded Unit: Week 2

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Over the past week, I've been doing even more researching and sketching for my Graded Unit! I've also been making a ton more models for my experimentation. 

Throughout all my research this week I've been looking into several different areas. I've picked up some more leaflets/flyers and put them in. I've also put in nice examples of posters that I found on Pinterest. From looking through several different magazines on Tuesday I also found some really nice examples of paper art. In these magazines I also found some good examples of illustrations and patterns that I felt might help inspire some of the designs I create. 

To kick start of my sketches in my second sketchbook, I decided to do another (my third for this project) mind map. I noted down any ideas I had and what these would include. I also made note of different ways I could create designs.

 The first page of my sketchbooks was a bit of a mess to be honest! On the left hand side, I sketched out the different forms of paper engineering that I had included in my mind map. On the left, was just thumbnails of bits of inspiration and what I felt I could do with these. These ideas mainly was on how an idea could look on the final product like an A2 Poster or leaflet.

 On the next two pages, I did a mass of experimenting. I cut out paper and made them into shapes, layered them, done a little bit of origami and just all in all experimented! The characters at the bottom right page, was me experimenting my hand at cutting intricate designs that would generally be done by a laser cutter.

 The page after was just a little exploration of a few more ideas based on Aberdeen, art/design tools and magic.... not really much to show here at the moment

On Wednesday, I spent the morning sketching out different logo/branding ideas for it. I'm not 100% on the angle yet for this but it shall come in time! 

That's really all my updates from this past week apart from the little visit me and Clare took to Make Aberdeen. We're going to sign up as members next week so we can have a little shot on their machines and then possibly use them in our final designs!

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  1. Wow. These notebooks look gorgeous. I've always loved making mood board for inspirations. :)

    1. I know! I'm pretty sure they are just made from paper (like models, obviously they are made from paper!). and same, i feel it just focuses me more like on what kind of feel and look i want the final product/brand to have.

  2. Moodboards are so fun to create! They help a lot for my college course and they're nice to look back over. You can get uber creative with them too! x

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

    1. I know! They are brilliant fun too do and always so pretty look at! :3 x



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