Graded Unit: Week 1

Thursday, March 13, 2014

So as I said earlier in the week in my Pinterest Favourites post that I would be filling you all in on the details of my recent college brief! After having my first mentoring session on Tuesday, I felt that it would be good to share my work so far for it. 

For the brief I chose this year for my Graded Unit was titled as 'Livres Animes Exhibition'. This would be an exhibition that celebrated the art of paper engineering such as pop-up books and cards, movable books, tunnel books, etc. The exhibition would feature historic to contemporary pieces, showing how the art has developed over the years. 

The requirements of the brief stated I would need to design at least 3 of a list of items including: promotional material, merchandise and a website. For gaining marks from the general basics of the Graded Unit, I would also need to complete the sections that were Planning, Development and an Evaluation. This week I have been focusing on the Planning Stage.

For my Planning Stage, I needed to do an interpretation of the brief, an identification of the target market, a project over view and time plan, identification of resources (and how these would be accessed) and the context of the project (research). I would share all my pages from this but I feel like it would be quite boring and difficult to read so I'll just give you the 'low down' on what I included in my planning stage.

To start of with I had my interpretation of the brief. My interpretation was about 500 words long and covered everything that I felt was important and related to the brief. I focused on the context of the brief and listed a few of the designers I felt would be a good choice to look into. I then moved on to speak briefly about the target market and what I felt was important to look into about the target market. This then caused me to speak about the items I would need to then design in order for the target market to be interested in the exhibition.

The next part of my planning stage then moved onto the Time Plan and Action Plan. My time plan was a basic run down of what I would be doing each day I was in college, split up into what needed to be completed that day and what would else would be going on. From this, it went into the Action Plan. The Action Plan gave more information on how I would do each item I included on the Time Plan including the allocated hours for each stage.

I went onto then speaking about the Target Market. I broke the down by speaking about things like gender, relationship status, location, membership grouping, places they would visit and websites they would use. I also have created a survey to gather more information that you can fill out here, please!! I also made a mind map in my sketchbook, which was basically the same type of information that the typed up version had but included more details into why they would visit, what would make them visit and an other extras. 

After this came the list of resources and materials I would use. I have to admit this is probably the most boring part of the whole thing as you literally have to list things like pens and pencils and that you already have these so you don't need to buy them. Exciting right? I also had to list any websites that I would use so included in this were the likes of this blog, my pinterest page, and several design websites. I also included any reading material like Computer Arts magazine. 

Then my favourite part of this part is the research! This year I've decided to once again basically do all my work inside a sketchbook. Unlike last year though, I have decided to put all my research in it as well and have a separate sketchbook for all my 'actual' sketches. The majority of my research I've done so far has been looking into the different types of paper engineering that has already been done. These mainly included paper sculptures, laser cutting, origami and tunnel books. All of my research below can be found on my Pinterest board here if you fancy a more detailed look into them. 

I have also collected a lot of leaflets, a few of which I've already put into my book. I feel these leaflets are a similar kind of style I would do for my own ones if I were to just have a 'basic design. 

 This week I also decided to do some practice into the art of paper engineering by trying a bit of origami and trying to hand cut out very delicate designs. 

That's really everything I did this week not including my mentoring session. I can't wait for the next stage of the project as I love doing the development! Also sorry for this being very text based, I couldn't get good photos of my mind maps. 

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  1. Love this, good job! I did a research project on paper last year, that involved me making a japanese temple out of paper haha :)

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars

    1. Thanks! :D and ooh that's pretty cool, got any pictures of it?

  2. Your sketchbook is so neat! Mine always look really scruffy and disorganised. Can't wait to see where you go with this! xx
    Megan | Lazy Thoughts

    1. Thank you! It does generally stay pretty neat as I'm a bit of a perfectionist! And thank you, so can I! haha xx

  3. Hi Lauren! You have some interesting pieces in your sketchbook and I've noticed that you have a broad selection too. I too love paper engineering and you can get really experimental with it i.e. weights of paper, colours, just plain white, 3D & 2D! Looks like you're enjoying it :-)

    1. Thanks! It was a great project to work on, definitely one of my favourites!



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