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Thursday, February 06, 2014

I seen this tag floating about a few places and decided just to write it up without being tagged as it seemed like a fun idea! I'm also not going to bother tagging anybody as I hope everybody who finds this interesting would write their own one as well.

1-Who are your most influential bloggers? Who are the ones that you really rely on for reviews and swatches?
I don’t generally rely on many bloggers but I normally end up buying stuff that my friend Clare or other blogger- Charlotte has reviewed/told me about. Since I normally see Clare like 3 times a week and we sometimes take trips to boots she can be very persuasive! Even in the last month I gave in and bought the boots botanics face mask, Nivea lip balm and Maybelline Baby Skin.

2-Do you buy a product solely as a result from one review from your favourite bloggers, or do you look for more reviews from others?
I do sometimes look up products before buying them, but a lot of my make up purchases are impulsive.

3-What is your most favourite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?
It has to be the Collections Long Lasting Concealor- I could not live without it!

4- What is your least favourite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?

hmm... I can’t actually think of anything...

5- Name 5 products you have bought recently as a result of blogs.
Ooops! I already did that but I’ll list five:
-Boots Botanics Face Mask
-Nivea Raspberry Rose Lip Balm
-Maybelline Baby Skin Primer
-Real Techniques Blush Brush

6- Have you ever given into blogger hype? If so, which hype?
I've already mentioned it but it has to have been the Collections Concealor.

7- Have you ever avoided blogger hype? If so, which hype?
Until recently, I had kind of avoided the Real Techniques hype. But to be honest, there are no hypes that I've seen that I've totally avoided. I've more been put off by the price tag of the products.

8-Is everything you buy based on blogger reviews or are there some items you buy without checking out a review?
I answered that in Q2 as well haha! But no majority of my buys are without checking reviews. This is sometimes just because I need like a new foundation and just want the cheapest one or if theres any deals like 3 for 2 or whatever. Also, because I’m an Avon Representative, I like to buy and test out some of the products from the first look books that stand out to me. I know they’re not as popular as some brands, but some of the products can be just as good!

Again, link me below if you have done this tag as well!

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  1. ah this is such a wicked idea for a tag! I, too, bought the real techniques after seeing them on blogs..... x

    1. I know! Just felt like it was a bit of a fun to do. x

  2. I just did this tag too! I enjoyed reading your answers :)
    And I agree I'm usually put off by the price tags on overly hyped products too but I still give in a lot of the time lol

    1. Aw that's cool! I'll have a read of your post too!
      I don't give in too much, but I think I'll end up buying the porefessional at some point since I've loved using the tester I got!



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