Sunday Summary #3

Sunday, February 02, 2014

This week I officially started the #100HappyDays challenge and so far I have been keeping to uploading a photo a day so far! Overall this past week has been pretty low key with some good highlights! 
The week started of to some horrible weather which ended up in me capturing a photograph of a rainbow and make some hot coco! The day after I finished Fallen In Love by Lauren Kate so I'm officially finished the 'Fallen' series- as long as there is no other extra books taken out. I received my Avon orders which meant I have my four bottles of the Chocolate Body Scrub. On Thursday I met up with a few friends before work and had a great meal of breaded brie and chicken goujons! Friday I showed of the new book I picked from my jar. Yesterday had my grandparents coming down on an impromptu visit due to there being a problem with our roof and my Granda was going to help fix it. In the afternoon, my mum, nannie, Darren and I decided to take a trip to Portlethen and I ended up getting a new lampshade. Darren also bought my a cute little lion teddy who I've called Lionel. My new game obsession is Flabby Birds and my top score at the moment is 22! 
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-Had a nice catch up lunch with Sarah and Rachel 
-Was able to swap shifts at work so that I can spend Valentines Day with Darren
-Booked the rest of my holiday time of from work
-Got new stuff from Matalan and Asda yesterday- including a new lamp, clothes and a candle

-Crazy sleeping routine- need to sort this!

Posts from OhHay! this week...
  1. Pinterest Favourites #7 - I showed that my obsessions with Pastels have started up again!
  2. Life Lately: Darren's Birthday - I talked about how Darren and I celebrated his 21st in detail.
  3. All Finished: New Media & Web Design - My final design for my college Web Design Brief
  4. 2013 Favourites - I spoke about all my favourites from 2013
  5. Weekly Words #34 - Was focused around my 
  6. Hello February!
During the next week will feature the following posts: January in Review, The Blogger Made Me Buy It Tag and perhaps a few Valentine related posts and DIY's. 

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  1. That lamp shade looks really pretty :) xx

    Ps. I'm having a giveaway on my blog and would love for you to enter :)

    1. I know it is! And it was a bargain for only £7.50 too!
      And ooh I'd love to enter- I'll have a look at it! :D xx

  2. Ooh chocolate body scrub sounds amazing! I'm not letting myself download flappy bird although I reeeeally want to haha!

    Jennie xo |

    1. It's gorgeous! I lot a little mini review last week in my 2013 favourites! And I had never played it till my boyfriend showed me it on his iPhone- its awesome. But soo soo hard! xx

  3. Flappy Bird is so hard but so addictive! I don't know how I did it but my high score right now is 55. I am shocked. I think I've been playing it too much :)

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars

    1. Wow that's definitely a high score- beats mine! Apparently one of Darren's siblings friend managed to get to like level 300 some how...!

  4. Oh I love Maria V. Snyder! Those series are fantastic =)

    1. I only picked the book up from The Works as it was on deal. I've never read any of her books but I'm sure I'll enjoy it!



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