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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Welcome to the first edition of a little new series on the blog! Every month or so I'm going to share the music that has been thoroughly replayed constantly on my iPod! This first edition is a little special as it's also a bit of a review of You Me At Six's new album- Cavalier Youth.

You Me At Six's eagerly awaited new album Cavalier Youth hit the stores a few weeks ago and even though I didn't get it the day of release I was very excited to finally pick it up! I decided to pick up the extended edition that HMV had in stock as I bought this the last time and I really love what they include in the bonus disks!

The new album has a slightly different feel to past albums and very much to the last one- Sinners Never Sleep. This album has more of a commercial 'pop-rock' feel and from memory I can't think of many of the songs having explicit lyrics or anything. The main thing I felt that was missing from this album compared to Sinners Never Sleep was the rockier and heavier vibe that it had. In Sinners Never Sleep there were a few songs that featured artists and included a slight bit of 'screaming'. However, on this album there wasn't any of this which I am really disappointed by as I felt this was the kind of direction they were heading in. Even though this album left me feeling a little disheartened , there was many things that I enjoyed from this album.

Lived A Lie was the first single released from the album and I still remember the night it played on the radio for the first time- I may or may not have scared my mum with my reaction! But this single was the perfect choice for You Me At Six kick off their new album and show that they had recovered brilliantly after they played at Wembley.
The second single released, Fresh Start Fever, didn't really give me much of any excitement when it was first released. I'm not entirely sure as to why this was but I just didn't feel any connection to the song. But as of recent I have started enjoying it more.
The album then features another 10 songs ranging in length from just short of 2minutes to 5minutes all being able to show a different side to the band. Win Some, Lose Some is personally one of my favourites from the album with a catchy chorus that will be a hit at gigs. I also adore it because of the reference they make to The Hunger Games in it. Another favourite from the album is Hope For The Best, another rockier song from the album. This one gives an insight on where You Me At Six are heading and what the hopefully will be doing next. The album finished with Wild Ones, a much softer song that finishes the album greatly. The song reminds me of popular ballads from You Me At Six such as Crash, Fireworks and This Is The First Thing. 

I know that this definitely not the end for You Me At Six and there is better things to come. As much as I have loved this album so far I am hoping that the next album they release to have that rockier edge that made me fall in love with their music in the first place.
What have you thought of the new album from them? Let me know below or link me to your review!

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  1. I'm desperate to buy this album! But I do agree with you about the loss of their 'rock' vibe, but you know, I can roll with it!
    Eden from edenroses xx

    1. You should deffo pick it up! I personally feel it is worth the money. I know it's a shame but I'm sure they'll get back to it!



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