Pinterest Favourites #8

Monday, February 03, 2014

I did feel like I should upload the Valentines pinspiration post today but I'm really enjoying sharing my favourites so that post will come later in the week. 

Colour Block Pins- Modcloth Blog
What a cute idea! I had never though of taking boring, plain bronze coloured
 pins and painting them like this! They certainly look better and prettier.

Craft Room- Songbird Blog
I love this little space. It's very similar to the kind of layout and space that I
have in my own bedroom so it's great to see how other people have used
the space for their own rooms. 

Bedroom Nook
I love this little nook! It would be a great place to sit in and read a book or sit
and sip a hot chocolate while staring at the sky... mmm
Outfit Styling
I have to admit I love this outfit! The cardigan is beautiful and I love
those shoes! The only thing is I wouldn't wear the leggings- I am not
a fan of that styling!

Collection of prints
Wow these prints are beautiful! I think my favourite is the top right! I wish my
prints and postcards stayed up so well with washi tape though!

As always thanks for reading and please comment below with your blog and pinterest pages! Also remember you can follow me on Pinterest @LaurenGemmaHay to keep up with all my latest pins! 

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  1. I love those colour block pins - might have to do a little DIY before I go to uni :)

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars

    1. I know it's such a great idea I think I'll do it myself!!

  2. Ooo that cardigan is so cute!! I have tons of tank tops right now so I'm on the hunt for cardis :)!
    And ahh yes a little bedroom nook would be lovely ... :) Right by a window - great for reading or writing in for sure!

    Cachoo Joo

    1. I know I really really want it haha! Yeah that's why I want a little nook but doubt that will happen! :(



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