Pinterest Favourites #10

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So this is a bit of a late Pinterest Favourites but I have to admit I've done the most of my pinning tonight as I've been so busy doing other things over the past week. But I hope you like what I have came across recently! 
Mint Elephant
More minty goodness! Love this cute little elephant!
Be Rumi- Kelly Barton
This is such a cute little notebook! Quite fancy
buying myself some mini moleskine's and decorating
them like this!
Diana Mini - Modcloth
How cute is this camera?!

Be Inspired- Oceanic Stars
I loved these photos and the post by Caitlin! I am determined
to actually start collecting images and put inspiration together.

Wild and Free Print - Ginger Pickle
More quotes I love but are you surprised! This is amazing the colour and quote
are perfect and so is the set up!
Don't forget you can follow me on Pinterest over @LaurenGemmaHay for when I do actually going pinning mad! 

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  1. Aw I didn't even see that you had pinned my photographs :) I saw that mint green elephant and pinned it from you, so cute!! Also, that camera is the most adorable thing ever.

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars

    1. haha yeah i pinned them the other day! And I know I seen you pinned it to haha!

  2. I'm only just getting into Pinterest, I'm so late to the party!

    1. As long as you're joining the party it's all gooood!

  3. Oh good lordy, that elephant and the map camera! I need them in my life right now!

    Shan | Dimple to Dimple

  4. There's a very mint green theme here. One of my favourite colours. :) I love the elephant, I actually have an elephant money box, but it's orange. :) x

    1. haha I know I'm a bit obsessed! but it is like my favourite colour so it's not too bad! :P Can I steal your one then? I promise I won't spray paint it mint green! x



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