Hello February!

Saturday, February 01, 2014

I've kind of started having 'goals' in the back of my mind this past month that have stemmed from my resolutions including:
  • Illustrating more things to start selling.
    Ok, so well this hasn't gone completely to plan. I have had ideas and I have drawn some of them. But that's really as far as I've gone with them. But I will do a bit more and be a bit better with this, this month.
  • Read more.
    This was definitely done this past month! I finally finished the book I've been reading the past year or so and also completed another book by the same author and started a new one.
  • Blog more.
    I feel I've done well with this as I've written more personal posts this month than I have done before.
  • Be more craftty.
    I haven't done as much as I wanted to this month but I have started making a dent. I bought some new watercolours and paint brushes and started doodling/messing around with them. I also uploaded my first kind of D.I.Y/Crafty post to this blog!
I think I'm going to start making monthly mini goals to try and get myself organised better!
February Goals
  • Get into my sleeping routine more.
    The past few weeks since I've been of from college I have been going to bed late and waking up about 12. I need to start getting into a better routine as I'm seriously going to be exhausted 24/7!
  • Save money.
    I really need to start saving more! I have to make the final payment for my college trip to London in April so I need to make sure I have enough for that plus spending money. I also need to have some spending money since I'm getting to go to the Harry Potter Studios!! aaaaah!!! I also really want to save up and buy myself an iPod as my iPod at the moment is becoming a bit old and breaking. So it might be worth replacing it soonish.
  • Do more for OhHay! 
    I'm meaning this for both my blog and my shop. I've been wanting to properly redesign this blog so that it has a more consistent 'brand' feel and so it has a bit more of a design. I really want to have a blog design like Being Little and A Little Birdy Blog. As I've said, I also want to add stuff to my shop. I originally really wanted to create some stuff for Valentiens Day but I think I need to focus on just designing basic all-year round things first then focus on the holidays.
  • Do more to my room.
    My room really needs a freshing up so I've slightly started that today! I bought a new lampshade today and some fairy lights so that's a start! I really want to repaint and rearrange my room, however that might be something that needs to wait till the Summer Holidays though. In the mean time I might just add a few more features like new lamps and possibly a desk. 
That's my main goals that I'm going to try and focus on this month! Since this is the shortest month I can only hope I manage to do it all! 
I'll recap at March how I've done with my goals for this month and write up next months ones as well! 

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  1. I really like the designs on those two blogs you mentioned, I'm sure yours will look that great if you redesign it. I'm a shocker with my sleeping pattern at the moment. I go to bed between 10-12 and wake up between 8-11 which if it's the earlier one makes me a very unhappy choppy. I hope you can achieve all your goals this month! :)

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars

    1. Thanks! I might wait a little bit to do it though as I have to do some self promo/design stuff for my end of year exhibition so might just tie it in to that when I actually do it. But I'll try do my shop stuff though! And I normally go to sleep between 12 and 2 and wake up between 9 and 12 so it's pretty shocking haha! Thank you! :)

  2. Best of luck with your new goals! They are scarily similar to mine...I really need to reform my bad sleeping habits before uni goes back, and save more (im planning an exchange to London!) So this post was a big motivator haha.

    xx Carina

  3. I want to read more, blog more and save money too! hahah oh gosh and I need to get a better sleep routine. loving your illustrations and your blog. just followed xxxxx




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