Pinterest Favourites #7

Monday, January 27, 2014

I think I'm started to get obsessed with cute pastels again! 

Sewing Space
Love this little space! all the colours and inspirational images everywhere makes
this feel like I great place to work!
Bird Embroidery by Indi Maverick 
I have no idea how much time would have went into this, but how beautiful is it?!
Sketch and a Cuppa'
I'm assuming this is an instagram image but it is lovely! It looks so cosy and
that little sketch is brillant! Also love the fabric- so soft looking!
Vintage Styled Bedroom
Another room love! The mixture of textures and pastels work
very well together!
Mara Hoffman Beach Cover Up
Not something I would really wear, but it is stunning nonetheless!
Raindrop Cereal Bowls
I think any morning would start of perfectly with bowls like these!
Even those dreaded Monday mornings would seem a little brighter.
I hope you have liked my picks for this week! Please let me know below what you're favourites from the week are. And as ever, you can find all these pins and more over on Pinterest @LaurenGemmaHay

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