Life Lately- Darren's Birthday

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

So last week it was Darren's 21st birthday. And it was great to share his birthday with him and such. He also got a brilliant birthday present from his parents for going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in April. 

For Darren's birthday, I took Darren out for his birthday to T.G.I.Friday's and then went to see Devil's Due afterwards. I also baked a few cakes/made some truffles as they are his favourite! For his cakes I tried to go with a Breaking Bad theme as that is one of the things Darren has been most obsessed with this past year. Like last year for his 20th I made him a batman cake. 

The main cake I made was based on the 'Breaking Bad' logo from the TV Show since they use the periodic table elements. I thought this was a good way to kind of incorporate breaking bad into his main cake without it being too over powering. I also added a little extra detail by making the numbers on each of the main up element squares create his birth year- 1993. 

The second cake I made but the first Darren seen was more obvious for being based on Breaking Bad. I made the cake in a small circular tin my mum had and then split in half. This was a smaller cake as I took this cake in with me (and hid it) to have after we had our meal at T.G.I's. I have to admit it was very difficult to even take this small cake in and I kept fretting whether it had turned over in my bag! I decided to decorate the cake using the Heisenberg face sketch that has been used on lots of merchandise as it would be recognisable to Darren. I also decorated the edges with blue icing and sprinkles. I loved the sprinkles I used as the were perfect for pred

I also made about one dozen cupcakes with left over mixture. With the cupcakes I used the same sprinkles as I used on the smaller cake. However, I also added in some green sprinkles because I was running low on blue. Before I even baked the cakes I added some green food colouring so that it looked like the green smoke from the programmes title sequence. 

As I said to start with I also made some truffles. To be honest I almost messed these up big time as I doubled the mixture for the digestives but not the rest of the mixture. I also almost didn't melt the butter- good thing I had my mum helping me out! I think the truffles went down a treat as they were finished late on Thursday night and by Sunday evening they were all finished! 

 As I said, Darren and I also went to T.G.I's for tea. We shared mozzarella sticks and garlic bread for starter. I had chicken strippers for my main and Darren had the Jack Daniels Burger but we didn't have desert because we were too stuffed! To drink Darren had a banana milkshake and I had the Blue Raspberry Slush and one of the Red Army Cocktails. However, I didn't really like the cocktail too much so left about half of the drink. After we finished our tea, we went across to the cinema and got out drinks and popcorn for Devil's Due! The film was probably one of the best horrors I've seen in a while and left me feeling majorly creeped out by the end! I would definitely recommend this film for any horror fanatics out there! 

The celebrations continued for Darren's birthday into the weekend. On Friday night we were over at my house and we had Chinese food from our favourite Chinese take away with my parents. Then on Saturday night, Darren and I had more Chinese food while we were out with his family. We had tea at Cosmos and man I ate so much! Even though I had Chinese food both nights I ate slightly different things as Cosmos has options of Curries, Grill and Sushi too! After we finished our meal, Darren, his mum, Dad, myself and a family friend headed up to their local. We played some Bingo but never won a thing! The rest of the night we spent sitting in the local pub chatting away with the occasional chuckle at drunk people dancing about to the singer that Darren described as sounding like Joe Pasquale. Even though it was a pretty quiet 21st, hopefully once Darren's feeling better we will be able to do more of what he had originally planned for his birthday!!

Sorry for this being such a long post but I felt like I needed to write about everything for myself at least. 

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  1. All of that baking looks amazing! I used to make truffles all the time but haven't in ages, I might again soon. This was such a good idea for a cake, a couple of years ago I made a cake in the shape of an Xbox controller for my little brother and he loved it. I might give it a go again this year with some sort of Batman theme for my boyfriend instead - he's obsessed x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. Thank you! :D I think I might make more truffles to put in with Darrens present as he loves them so much! Oh that's cool for an xbox cake, do you have any pictures?! I can send you the photos of my batman cake if you like? It wasn't exactly hard to do but if you want to get an idea? :)

  2. Those cakes look great!!! I have just nominated you for the liebster award on my blog

    1. thank you! :D and ooh thanks, ill go check that out now! :D

  3. hope you saved me some cakes ;)

    1. I can try but it may be a bit hard by then since it'll have been a week and a half since I baked them! D: haha



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