Life Lately-Cinderella Pantomine!

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Last week after the craziness of Hog-many (or New Year for you non Scottish folk), Darren was phoned by his Dad asking if we fancied going along to the Cinderella Pantomime that was on at His Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen. Before Darren even at me I was like YES! I've not been to a panto in years and I always loved the family trips we took to the panto each year when I was younger. I had also been saying last year that me and Darren would go to the panto as Darren has NEVER been before! I know that's crazy right!?

I had really wanted to go to the Panto for ages and I really wanted to go this year. My mum was given tickets to go see it for Christmas from my Dad and they said it was brilliant! Darren's little sister had also been to see it and loved it as well. On Friday, Darren, his parents, his little sister and myself all headed off to the panto! We were sitting pretty far up but it was still good seats and we were able to see everything just from more of an elevated view point. 

The panto lasted for about 2 hours with a 15minute interval in-between. It was really brilliant and I laughed so much. I've always loved the humour that is involved in panto's and I find it brilliant when the bring in snippets about life. Throughout this panto the mentioned several things from naming places in and around Aberdeen, making fun of Miley Cyrus and playing the "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" music at one point as well! They also made me laugh my butt of by making so many cheesy jokes and play on words. There was one section where Fairy Mary -played by Elaine C. Smith- was trying to help the Buttons -played by Jordan Young- to be able to flirt and seduce Cinderella. Throughout this little skit, Fairy Mary was saying to Buttons to chat her up by using lines like "Can you pass me the sugar, Sugar?". When it was Buttons tried to do this he didn't do well at all and ended up using lines like "Can you pass the Apple, Tart?". This went on for at least five minutes with them interacting with the crowd then it was mentioned a few times again when Buttons tried to put the moves on Cinderella. 

Overall I absolutely loved it! I shall always loved going to pantos-oh no I won't! OHHH yes I will!. Especially when they doing the oh yes/oh no sections and it cracks me up when before the big finally everybody has to sing along with a certain song. Oh and Darren liked his first panto too!
Did you go to any panto's during this festive season? 

I've decided for a little while I won't be writing doing my LiveMakeDesign series as I want to be focus on designers/bloggers that are really inspiring me at that moment and not ones I've just heard about. They will be back at some point but for the mean time I will be just doing a mixture of posts, hopefully including D.I.Y's, Life Lately's and other bits and pieces. 

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  1. My grandparents used to take me to pantos all the time when we lived in Scotland! I love them so much, they are hilarious! I don't think they do it here in New Zealand :(

    Caitlin x

    1. Aw no! That sucks if they don't do them. I always think they're a christmas season must, even if you just watch them on tv/online! Hopefully you'll see one soon!!x



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