January Downloadable Calendar

Thursday, January 02, 2014

For this year I've decided to start making little downloadable desktop calendars. For this month I've decided to put up one of my designs from my calendar for you to download! 
All you have to do is either open the image below and right-click and save. Or you can click this link and download it from google documents. Please let me know if the link doesn't work as I've never used this before.

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  1. Such a good idea! I haven't found a calendar or diary that I want for this year yet but I'll definitely be using this on my computer (if I can bear to change it from my current Hugh Laurie one). xx

    1. I know I've seen lots of people do it so thought I'd try my hand at it too! And yeah I can understand that haha! xx

  2. Such a lovely idea, your illustration is superb



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