Hello Janurary

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

ohmygod! I can't believe it's already January 2014! This past year has flown by so quickly. And over the past year I've had a very good year. With setting up my Folksy shop and selling two of them within the last month, turning 18, passing my theory test and Darren and I celebrating our 3rd anniversary together it certainly has been crazy!

I'm hoping within the next month and throughout 2014 I will continue to develop my Folksy shop and hopefully manage to set up an Etsy one as well. I'm generally thinking that I would make prints, notebooks, buttons, greetings cards and post cards. I also may try making some magnets or mirrors if I'm able to get supplies to go with my button maker, however I could always just use a company like Awesome Merchandise to make them. In the mean time, I'd really love it if you could give me any other ideas of stuff I could create. I'm really hoping this year to be a bit more creative in my work and would love to try some new things!

As well as being creative in my work and such, I want to do more creative projects for myself. Ones like little D.I.Y's that I can share on here. 

I realise this post is basically just extending on my hopes and resolution post but to be honest, this is really all that's going to be going on this month. Apart from the obvious college related posts and such!

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  1. I like to collect cute little post cards for my noticeboard at uni so would definitely love to see some of your work on them! Happy new year, hope 2014 is good to you xxx

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. Same I love buying post cards with cute designs on them! Not only are they extremely cheap but they are perfect sized! And just make sure you keep your eyes peeled! :) I hope you had a great new year and hope its good to you! xxx



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