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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Like I've said many times, there's been so many posts that I've been meaning to write about but just haven't got round to it. But luckily since I've been of at college for the past week or so I've been able to catch up on these ideas! For today's post I'm going to speak about my favourite things from 2013. 

Make Up & Beauty Favourites
Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Moisturiser- I really love this moisturiser! It always helps my skin feel a bit more hydrated and not so dry. I generally don't get dry areas of skin but around my nose is always a problem area and it always helps! I don't think this product will be replaced any time soon as I haven't found anything that works just as well. 
Avon Naturals Chocolate Moisturising Body Scrub-Ok so this was a pretty late 2013 buy, but it has quickly became one of my favourites! As I'm an Avon Rep, I'm always just buying new products whenever they're in the first look book not even knowing if I'm going to buy it. However, when I tried this I was taken away! It literally smells like a bar of chocolate. When I first opened it up, I was taken back by the smell as it was pretty powerful. However, after coming out of the shower it leaves a linger of the chocolatey smell on your skin and leaves it very soft and smooth. 
Batiste Dry ShampooI think this is something that has been on everybody's 2013 favourite list. I love this and my hair always feels so refreshed. 
Avon Clear Skin Clear Emergency Instant Spot Treatment- Another Avon favourite! I use this every single day once I've showered. It always helps clear my spots up and takes the redness away from them. However, I have been very tempted to try Origins Super Spot Remover as I've heard a lot of good things about it!
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealor- This is another big favourite of bloggers and such in 2013. I love this as it always does such a good job! It is my miracle worker of 2013 as it always makes my skin look a lot clearer.
Collections Pressed Powder- I know a lot of people prefer to use the Rimmel powder but I really enjoy using this one. It's a really good colour for my skin and plus it is very cheap. 

Films & T.V. Shows
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary- I know I wrote a whole review on this, so I won't write too much! But I still absolutely loved it and I still can't get over the relationship of Tennant and Smith in it!
Breaking Bad- Such a massive show in 2013! I still have yet to actually watch the first few seasons properly. However, I just loved everything that I did watch! It's such a brilliant story and I still would advise everybody to watch it!
Catching Fire- This film was just ah-ma-zing! I loved the entire film from start to end and every little piece in between. Like Doctor Who I wrote a review so I won't go into much detail. But everything was great about it, including the set design and costumes! Can't wait to buy on DVD.

Bastille- These guys were my absolute favourite new music find in 2013! I listened to them so much in 2013 and wish so much that I was going to see them on tour this year. 
You Me At Six- The boys were back in 2013 and my god I love them even more now! There first new single of the new album- Lived a Lie- is brilliant. I still need to buy the new album but I can't wait to listen to it 
Just Keep Breathing by We The Kings- I can't really put into words why I love this song so much but I just do. I had kind of forgotten about We The Kings until I realised vlogger Charles Trippy was in the band and I fell in love with them again. 
Oh Calamity! by All Time Low- With the release of Don't Panic It's Longer Now came several new songs. And this is by far my favourite of the new lot- well not including the acoustics, they are in a different lead!

Animal Crossing:New Leaf- I have still not got fed up or bored of this game yet. The whole thing is just so cute and brilliant that I will still be playing this for years to come!

Halo 4- Ok so I don't actually play the single player/campaign in most video games and I prefer playing the multiplayer. But I loved this multiplayer and I will admit it has cause me to be able to be more likely to play shooters as I fell a bit more used to it now!

Assassins Creed: Black Flag- lovelovelove! I'm so glad that I've been able to get back into Assassins Creed after not really enjoying the last one. The single player is brilliant and love the fact that you are able to actually take over islands and make yours better by investing into it. I also love the multiplayer with this game. The multiplayer was what I really didn't enjoy about the last game as the maps and layouts weren't done well. But the online maps are a lot better in this game!

CTFxC- I don't think this will come as much of a surprise to many people since I've gone on about them so much on this blog before- but my favourites vloggers this year has to be CTFxC! Throughout 2013, Charles and Alli has had a crazy year, mainly to do with Charles's brain slug. However, they have been an amazing role model to me and I just hope that Charles gets better and beats Cancer soon!
Oceanic Stars- This was another late 2013 find, but man I love this girls blog! I always look forward to new posts from Caitlin. She always mixes up the different topics of posts making there always something interesting to read. 
A Little Birdy Blog-Ok yes this was another late 2013 find- I think 2013 just wanted to slap me in the face with awesomeness before the year ended. This blog is run by Chloe and features so many great D.I.Y's! Not only that but she has an amazing bedroom and her pictures always look flawless!
Live it. Love it. Make it.- There was no chance these two girls weren't going to be in my top bloggers of the year! Their blog is brilliant and I there posts are brilliant! Not only is their blog brilliant, but they are two of the nicest people I have spoke to since starting this blog up!
Vivid Please!- Another blogging duo I could not miss out! However, I love these two because of their products as well! They create such a great range of stationary and are so lovely. I hope that one day my little shop could turn into something great like theirs! It's amazing for an aspiring graphic designer/illustrator to see fellow Scottish people do something like what I hope to do with my own life!
E-Elise etc- This girl always inspires me with her blog and has actually be a big part of the inspiration for recent posts too! I love all the D.I.Y blogposts she writes and the books she reviews always makes me want to read a lot more! Not to mention the fact that her Sawyer&Scout shop is fantastic with there being so many based on things I love like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter. 

So this is my favourites of 2013! There was so many more things I could have added to this but I didn't want to make this too long! What was your 2013 favourites? Please tell me below or link to any blog posts you have written about it!

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  1. I love animal crossing! There should be more cute games. I'm going to go check out all of these blogs while I have no work. Hope you have a good week! www.prettynostalgia.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I know! I wish there was more games like it, but I suppose that's what makes it so much more special and brilliant! And you should definitely check them out!

  2. I did not expect to be mentioned while reading this post! You are so lovely, thank you :) Also, yes totally agree with you on the Bastille front, can I please go see them live haha xxx

    1. It's no worry at all! Seriously one of the best blogs i came upon in 2013! Wish I could see them, but even the closest place they're coming to in Scotland is quite a bit away! :( xxx

  3. i love the batiste dry shampoo too, obsessed!
    great post, and awesome blog you have here!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

    1. Same here I use so much of it! And thank you! :)



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