Pinspiration- Favourites for the week

Monday, December 16, 2013

This week I don't have a specific 'theme' or topic for my pinspiration, I am just sharing some of favourite finds from the week. 

2012 Calendar by Papertalks 
Even though this is from 2012, I really love the illustration!

I really love this bedroom! It looks so comfy and relaxing. The little hints of 
colour is something I really want to have in my room.

Amana Blanket by MidNorthMerc
How amazing is this blanket? The print and colours on it are gorgeous!
(to bad its not for sale anymore!)
Ok yes Sandra Deickmann is featuring again on this blog but 
aren't her illustrations so beautiful?!

I love these gift tags and the idea is so smart. They look great!

I think that will do for each weeks pinspiration favourites! I have a lot more pins that I adore but I can't show them all to you, if you would! like to see more of what I'm pinning then you can find me at @LaurenGemmaHay on pinterest

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  1. Such a pretty blanket. Love the tags too! x

    1. I know! I want it so bad, its annoying its not for sale now! And yeah they're great too! x



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