New Media & Web Design- Week 4

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Even though it was the last week at college before the Christmas holidays, I still had quite a busy week with my college work. 
Over the past week we were shown a few tutorials that would help give our finished websites a more professional feel. On Monday we were shown how to make a form in Dreamweaver. In the brief we are told that we need to have a form of some sort in our website- so this could be one that would be used for either a shopping basket or for signing up as a member for the company. On Wednesday we were then shown how to make sliding adverts that many websites use to advertise current offers/deals. To create this we used Adobe Flash. In this tutorial we basically had to make the images slide on hold for a few seconds then slide back of and also include buttons that could skip/change the advert. 

During the week I also created the animation for my splash page which was basically just animating the logo in an attractive way. However, I am not fully finished this as I still need to find and source copyright sound that I can use on it and I need to be able to make the 'Enter' button functional.

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