New Media & Web Design- Week 3

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another instalment of my New Media and Web Design briefs! This week has been no so busy as the last but I've still been doing quite a few things this week too!
I haven't done too much this week for my New Media brief as I had a lot of that caught up with at the moment. So I've been developing a lot more stuff for my Web Design brief. 

Over the past week I started sketching logos and little bits of elements that might go along with the logo like shapes and such. 

I then took the ones I liked and tried to do them in illustrator. With the first one I tried to use my own hand writing but that didn't go well and it looked a bit weird. With the second one I felt it was a step in the right direction but also felt it looked so much like blogger logos that I had seen and wasn't sure if it was right for the brand. The third one was just right! I felt it had a more sophisticated fell to it but still felt vintagey. 

My third design came out a lot better and I feel like it came out a lot better than the other two. I feel this logo is a lot more fitting for the company and has a more 'vintage' feel to it than the others. 

I also created my site plan for my website. For our unit we don't actually have to have every single link and page working, we just need to make sure we have the ones listed in the brief. 

Earlier this week, separate from my current briefs a few people from my year went up to the RGU University to hear about their Multimedia Course that offers a 2+2 after graduating from college. 
It was great to have a look around the new university block and wow it is a beautiful building! However, I'm not entirely sure it is the course for me as it has a lot of programming involved in it. It also doesn't really involved the kind of stuff that I have enjoyed doing during this course like branding and illustration. Even thought it does offer some great sounding briefs including video editing and 3D software ones. 

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