New Media & Web Design- Brief (week 2)

Sunday, December 08, 2013

So I'm into week 2 of my New Media & Web Design briefs. And yet again it's been a busy week!

Over the past week for my the New Media section, we had to write a report continuing on from the idea of the "What Is New Media" from last week. However, this week we had to write a report about the history and development of either: gaming, the web, animation or a consumer product. Obviously I decided to chose gaming! I initially started looking at the general history and development but I quickly realised that this would end up mounting way over our maximum word count- which was 440 words. My lecturer advised me to just limit it to one area of gaming so either something to do with a certain game, the graphics or a console. I decided to pick Xbox (big surprise!).

I ended up writing loads about the Xbox anyway! I initially wrote about 500 words so I spent a good hour or so trying to cut it down to 440 words! I finally managed it but I don't think it was as good as it was when I first wrote it out, deciding not to worry about the word count. If I didn't have a word count or if it was a higher word count I think I would have went into a bit more depth about the graphics and the games of the Xbox. But because I did have a maximum word count I more focused on the developments from console to console. Hopefully it's fine and if I have to do any changes its not any major ones! Even though I forgot about putting in a lot of my references- oops!!!

In my Web Design unit this week I also had a busy week. Not only did we have to fill out a target market form we were also encouraged to try and get the majority of our logo development done so we can hopefully start on the website planning from tomorrow onwards. 
I am going to upload a pinspiration post tomorrow on my inspiration for it so make sure to look back tomorrow! 

Anyway that's it for this week- sorry for this once again being a major text post!

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