New Media & Web Design- Brief (week 1)

Sunday, December 01, 2013

I realise I've still go to write up my final post on Digital Imaging- Calendar but I've still got some stuff that I'm trying to prefect so that I can hopefully start selling it. I will try and write up a blog post about my development and such this week and I can maybe show you the final designs and such that would be up for sale shortly after. But in the mean time you can look at my progress for it on Instagram and for now, I shall be writing up about my next two briefs. 

So as the title suggests my next two briefs are to do on New Media and Web Design. These briefs are both separate but I'm doing them both in college at the same time. 
In our New Media brief, it's mainly several different reports/presentations/questionnaires that we need to complete for it. During this week I have had to create a presentation about New Media. To be honest I would have rathered just writing this as a report cause I am so bad with presentations- but I suppose it comes with the job/course. 
The presentation had to cover three topics including; what is new media, how does new media affect our daily environment and what are new media applications? In my presentation I wrote about how new media affected education environments. Specifically how tablets are being used in the education places and what the disadvantages and advantages of these are. 

In this brief we have been told to create a clothing company and to design the branding/logo and website design for it. We've been given four company names to choose from including Loop, Steel, Hoxton, Damage, and Koln. However, our lecturer has also said we can pick our own if we wanted. 
This week, I have also had some stuff to do for Web Design. For one part of our Web Design we unit we have to look at 4 different websites and comment on certain features of them. For each website we had to comment on the layout/design, colour scheme, use of images/text and the target market. The websites I decided to look at for my research was Modcloth, Armstrong Vintage, Ruche and Beyond Retro. I generally had two websites that I liked overall and two I didn't. However, all of the four websites do have there upsides. I've also started some research and sketches for the company. However I've not done too much of each of these to write too much about them. 

That's all for this little intro to my briefs. However, unlike my last one I will be writing more about this unit as it is in the checklist to write a blog post update each week. So keep an eye out for next weeks!

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