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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This weeks LiveMakeDesign features illustrator and mother- Stacie Bloomfield, also known as Gingiber.

I first discovered Stacies work a few months back when she was featured on A Beautiful Mess. From reading about her home, I then found out that she illustrated and created some beautiful pieces for the home and ever since have been in love with her work. I had originally seen some of her work a few months before her feature on A Beautiful Mess while looking for inspiration/research for my first year advanced illustration unit at college- where I came across her Sheep print. She was also an inspiration for me in my Digital Imaging- Calendar unit. 

Stacies home and Gingiber headquarters are both based in the Midwest (America). She is a wife and mother of two. Her store Gingiber is filled with prints, pillows and tote bags that are created for both children and adults alike. Throughout her work she tries to incorporate the balance of creativity and playfulness in each illustration.

Gingiber was founded by Stacie Bloomfield back in 2009 when she was able to find the perfect art to finish of the baby girls nursery. After the years that followed 2009, Stacie decided to work on Gingiber during the evenings when he daughter had fallen asleep. But the end of 2011/beginning of 2012 changed it all! In Winter 2011, Stacie gave birth to her second daughter and two weeks later was featured as an Etsy feature seller list. After this, things exploded for her.  In January 2012, she decided to give in her notice at her full time job to start perusing Gingiber full time. Now only a few years later, Stacie has a few time women who work part-time for her to help with shipping, fulfilling wholesale orders and to help keep her organised. She also has work sold in over 50 stores worldwide.

Being a busy mum and a successful illustrator, she has had to manage her time well to have everything done. During the day when her children are at school/preschool she will go to her 'Gingiber headquarters' and work there to fulfil her orders. In the evenings when the children are asleep thats when she will try to create her new ideas and designs.

Although at the moment her Etsy store is closed for Christmas. You should definitely pop back to have a look at it when it reopens but also check out her social networking sites too! You are in for a delight!!

Etsy / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest

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