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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Every so often while I am at work I like to grab a magazine to read during my breaks. Recently, I have been picking up more and more home/craft magazine just out of pure weirdness. Over the past 2 weeks or so I've bought the Style at Home, Homemaker and Craftseller. I adore these magazines and have bought the 'at home' magazines countless times and it's the second copy of Craftseller I have bought! I only picked up Homemaker while in Asda with my mum because it came with a really cute christmas decoupage set.

The set that came with Homemaker included two different decoupage papers, the wooden base for hanging on a tree, glitter and string. I have still yet to make these but I will try do them soon as they will hopefully look great hanging on the tree!

This months issue of Craftseller came free with a mini book filled with Christmas gift crafts that all look like so much fun to do and give! This issue also came with information on setting up your own Shop (perfect timing!), and wintery moodboard and lots of inspirational pieces!

Style at home also had a lot going on inside this issue to with there being the standard features of other peoples homes it also came with a gift guide broken down into sections. There are countless things through those pages I would want- not just from the for her/teens section but also for kids! It also came packed with lots of little Christmas D.I.Ys that I think I may try and do myself as well. Plus some lovely sound drinks and foody recopies that I want to try out- especially the Candy Sticks.

I think I'll leave it there so I don't give away everything that the magazines hold! But be sure to be pick up a copy if you can since it only cost me £10.03 (because of work discount) for three magazines, a decoupage set and a diy book it is definitely a good deal!

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  1. Glad I'm not the only magazine magpie around here. Do you ever read Elle Decoration? My fav! As well as The Simple Things, that's great too.

    1. haha i love reading them! ive still got magazines from months ago that have articles that i want to read in them!



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