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Saturday, December 28, 2013

I hope you all had a great Christmas! This post is what I got for Christmas. I love seeing what everybody gets for Christmas and Birthday's so thought I would share what I got. I have been very spoilt this year with gifts not just from parents but also from Darren and friends. 

I've pictured some of my gifts that I received above, and no surprise the majority of them are fox related following by being Doctor Who merchandise. 

Fox Purse- This purse is so adorable! It has a lovely hand sewn feeling on the front and then inside it has a gorgeous floral pattern
Super Mario Brios 2- I love all the Mario games and this one is no exception! 
Fox Scarf- This is so soft and cosy and I will be wearing it throughout the entire year no just winter!
11th Doctor Plush- This little guy is so adorable but it breaks my heart that he says "I am the Doctor" when he isn't any more. *sad face*
Fox Ornament- Darren got me this little creature and it's so cute. He opens up and has a little space inside. I'm not sure what I shall do with him yet but he's perfect sized for a small candle. 
Timelord Box- This doesn't really look like much but it's basically a little light. 
Fox 2014 Diary- I'm not one to normally keep a week to week diary but this Diary is brilliant and I'm going to try and use it throughout 2014. 
Despicable Me Boxset- Another present Darren got me and ahh minions!!! I love the despicable me films and I think I'm going to go whip this out right now and watch them!
Print and Pattern Kids Style Book- All the designs in this book are seriously beautiful! I hope one day I could be featured in a book like this!!

I also got some other gifts that I didn't picture that include
Canon EOS 1100D Camera (picture taken above using this)- I've been really wanting a better camera for ages and I am so happy with this camera! I can't wait to be able to properly use it and everything
Blanket- ok yes this sounds seriously boring! But it is literally the softest blanket in the entire world! I'm not lying it is like one of my favourite presents this year!
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary DVD- I don't think I should really say much or we're here all day haha!

I'm really looking forward to seeing what everybody else has received for Christmas. So leave a link below with your posts! 

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  1. Fab presents! Love all the fox themed gifts - so cute! :D x

    1. i know! so spoilt!! and yeah i got so many fox things this year haha! :L i even got a fox christmas tree decoration i half forgot about that will be living in my room through the rest of the year! x

  2. Replies
    1. I know! haha I even have more that include another fox scarf and a pair of fox slippers that are massivee!!!

  3. I got a blanket (Christmas themed) from the gran-in-law and I know how you feel about mentioning a blanket. Seriously, since it arrived in the mail a week ago, I barely have crawled out from underneath it, it's so darn cozy!

    1. haha yeah same here! I have literally went to bed with it, taken it down to watch TV with and both my nannie and sister tried to steal it from me! It's literally the comfiest thing ever!!



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