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Thursday, December 19, 2013

As the days are fastly decreasing to Christmas day, it means that everybody is starting to think about what and how they are going to wrap the presents they have bought. Normally most people will go for the standard patterned wrapping paper but it's fun to go a bit different and try something else....

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I love the idea of making your own wrapping paper and making like stamps for it. I also like the idea of using washi tape and kraft paper! 
This year for my christmas wrapping, I am using kraft paper and washi tape that says "Merry Christmas". I'm still considering what to do about tags, but Darren did give me some. I also bought several clay stars that say "with love" on them so im going to attach those to the presents as well. I think I might to do the tying it up with twine as well! It just looks so adorable and such!
How are you wrapping your presents this year? Just the standard store bought paper or are you making your own?

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