A more realistic Christmas wishlist

Sunday, December 15, 2013

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I posted a wishlist the other week but a lot of those things on the list aren't exactly things I would recieve and these are a lot more likely than that list. 

I really love the typewriter letter stamps from hobbycraft and I would love to use them for making cards and such. I think my mum would also enjoy them.  I have been really wanting my own copy The Greaty Gatsby since reading it during my 5th year higher english studies. I would have included the DVD instead, but I've got to admit I definitely preferred the book to the film! Obviously I am really badly needing the doctor who, day of the doctor DVD though! I can't wait for the christmas episode! The necklace from john lewis is so adorable and since I am obsessed with foxes just now it would be a key piece to my wardrobe! And look at that owl hot water bottle!? How cute is it?! I also have tops like the final two but I really want more as they are incredibly handy for a night out! Just chuck your ID, money and phone in it and you're good to go without a bag! 

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  1. I need those socks! They are so adorable :)

    1. I know they are so cute and look so cosy!!

  2. I have some alphabet stamps and they are really fun - I should probably use them more! Those socks look so so cosy!

    1. Haha yeah! I think it would just be fun to use for making cards/gift tags. And I know right!?



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