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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Over this past year, I have definitely started taking a lot more photos again- mainly because I was uploading them to instagram. But I also do like just having photographic memories of stuff going on in my life. So as a little reminder for myself but also to give you a little insight of 2013 for me, heres my highlights of 2013!! 
(not all of these are from instagram by hey ho!)

Darren's birthday cake / T.G.I Slush  / Nannies Birthday Cake / Ice Cream / Finished conservatory / Valentines presents
At the start of the year I made Darren's 20th Birthday cake to look like batmans logo! We also went out to TGI Friday's where I drank 3 of these slushies while having Darren's birthday meal. In February it was another celebration of my Nannies 65th birthday! However, mum made this cake! Ice Cream I had at the birthday meal. We finally got the renovation finished on the conservatory. Darren spoilt me once again on valentines day. 
Failed pancake / Screen Printing inks / Final Screen Printed design / Bowling shoes / 1st time at Cosmos / 50th birthday present
Darren and I tried for the 3rd year running to try make pancakes. Which ended up not exactly looking brilliant but tasted all right! With the college we took a visit to the Peacocks Visual Arts building to try screen printing. There was once wall that all the inks were stored on and look really pretty. One of the screen print I made while being on the trip. The week after Racheal was up for her uni interview so we went and had a Bowling match. Afterwards we went to Cosmo for the first time ever! And I made a bit of a mess by filling a small bowl up with melted chocolate sauce. I designed a print for my dad's 50th birthday.
D.I.Y notebook / 'Lauren' Coca Cola Bottle / Self logo / The Great Gatsby ticket / Ticket for Lucy Spraggan / Collage of Frank Hamilton
I tried making a notebook which turned out ok! I ended up finally finding my name on a coca cola bottle- which I ended up not buying. At college I started developing logos for the website unit in 1st year at college. I ended up using one of these for the blog at first. Darren and I's went and seen  The Great Gatsby in the cinema. We also went and seen  Lucy Spraggan in May. Along with the collage I created of her support act- Frank Hamilton-love.
Birthday cupcake tower / Birthday sweety cake / Cosmo booking recipt / Birthday meal with friends
My 18th birthday week was crazy and full of cake nomnonmnom!!! Mum made a cupcake tower to try and throw me of the scent of the sweet surprise of my actual birthday cake. The real birthday cake was covered in all delicious sweets include fizzy laces and buttons. I also went to Cosmos with a bunch full of friends and their significant others!
Stonehaven 'beach' / Despicable Me 2 Ticket / Favourite summer drink / Marshmallows drizzled in chocolate / MEGA marshmallows / Penguin statue
Was busy in the summer with heaps of days out and such. At the end of June Racheal was up with family so Darren and I met up with her and went out to Stonehaven rock pools and beach. Darren and I also went and seen Despicable me. My favourite drink of summer time was Costa's Peach Lemonade. Down at the international market I bought a marshmallow stick covered in Belgian chocolate. Then my parents brought back two packs of these mega marshmallows from Center Parks. Mum, Darren and I also took a day trip down to Dundee where we seen this statue of Penguins(?)
Letter from O2 / Swan / Cousins birthday cake / Paradise Island Adventure Golf  / Kick Ass 2 / Passed Driving Theory Test
Also in the summer I dropped my phone which then broke. Not to worry though, O2 were quick and fixed it! The same week I got my phone back mum, Darren and I took another trip but up north this time. Darren and I had a walk round the village my Nannie and Granda live in and fed the ducks- some swans tried to ruin the fun! We then went over to my cousins house for her 16th birthday. The day after Darren and I got up really early to go with his parents to Livingston for the day. Darren and I played two rounds of mini golf- both of which I lost at. A few weeks later Darren and I went to see Kick Ass 2 in the cinema. I then passed my Driving Theory test a few weeks later! YAAAY! 

Ticket for WATIC / WATIC gig collage / Letter from Vivid Please / Bear Darren won / Castle Fraser college trip / Hand drawings
Before going back to college, Darren and I went and seen We Are The In Crowd play in Aberdeen. Partially because a school friend of Darren's was playing in the support art but also because I like WATIC too! I also bought one of Darren's Christmas presents back in August and was sent this really lovely letter from Vivid Please along with it-thank you guys! Darren won a bear factory teddy dressed in a kilt from Costa. With the college we took a trip to Castle Fraser, read about that here. I successfully draw two realistic looking hands during life drawing at college!
Day out at Cadonnas / I won on a scratchcard / Home baking / 5th of November / Cadbury chocolate winner / Winter is here
Darren and I took a date day and spent the day at Cadonnas. I won over 100 tickets on various machines and we also went to Frankie and Bennies for tea! I won £10 of a scratch card during my lunch break! I baked a giant cupcake- read the recipe here. We set of our own firework display at Darren's house. I was having a lucky month and won a free chocolate bar from a Cadbury's bar! Snow started coming down in November. 
Catching Fire Tickets / Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Ticket / Mangajo / Reindeer inflatable / Final Calendar designs / Stuck in traffic
I had a busy week in November with going to see both Catching Fire and the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode in the same week. Both of which I wrote reviews about- Catching Fire Review & DW Review. Discovered this drink when mum got it as a Secret Santa! A happy chappy Rudolf that I seen out for lunch at the garden center. I started selling my Calendar and got my first sale within half an hour! Stuck in traffic after bad winds hand blown a hay bail on to the road haha a hay bail.  
Hot Chocolate / Calendar arrived in NZ / Chocolate body scrub / Winner ofXmas scratch card / Canon Christmas present / Yankee Candle
A lovely cup of Hot Chocolate while making more calendars. My first calendar had been received in New Zealand! Favourite body scrub that smells of Chocolate! Lucky again by winning £3 of the scratch card on Christmas day! My favourite Christmas present that was my Canon EOS 1100D. I bought my first ever Yankee Candle in the Merry Marshmallow scent. 

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  1. Love that screen print that you made! And those hands are amazing that you drew :) Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you! I was extremely happy with it to be honest! It was the first time I had ever done screen printing like that before and I basically managed to do it fine from the start. Like I made no splodges or anything, the only mistake was on one print where I missed the edge of one and I tried to go back and redo it but it kind of duplicated the ink.
      and thank you again! i've not tried drawing hands in literally years and it turned out well for those two! was super happy with them.
      happy new year to you to!!



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