Remember, remember, the 5h of November

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Happy 5th of November everybody!
I adore Guy Fawkes/Bonfire night. When I was a kid I love getting sparklers and trying to spell my name with it and making shapes. I loved going down to the Bonfire on a Sunday night and watching all the fireworks go off while trying to keep warm beside the roaring Bonfire. It's probably one of my favourite childhood memories. 

However, even though they are still childhood memories doesn't mean I can't stop joining in on the fun! On Sunday, Darren, his mum and dad and myself went on a little hunt to try and find some fireworks. A lot of places were already sold out of the good looking ones so we had to go to a few stores but we eventually managed to find some at Poundworld/Home Bargains. Overall we got a Lucky Frog, 3 backs of sparklers (yay), 150 air rockets, and 2 multi packs. 

On Sunday night we started to set them of- well, by 'we' I mean Darren and his Dad. We spent about half an hour- an hour having our own little fireworks display with a few neighbours peeking out their windows when they heard the next one going of. 

Even though it started out with a bang -haha pun intended- there was two moments of brief shock and scare. The first was when we lit the first rocket, and Darren's little sister ended up running across the garden with a fright from the noise/sudden light. The second was later on when we tried a rocket which started out fine but ended up toppling over after the first squeal. In the end it was ok though as the grass was still very damp from the Saturday rain that we had, so it just fissled out. 

Overall, our little fireworks display went well and we still have some left over for tonight that we are going to let off if it stays dry! 
Below are a few of the photos I managed to capture with Darren's phone. The best photos that came out were form the Lucky Frog- mainly cause it didn't move very much.

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