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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This weeks LiveMakeDesign features a blogging duo that obviously have a very similar name to this feature- Live It. Love It. Make It., or also known as H and Sammy. 

H and Sammy are a blogging duo who blog about their lives, things they are currently loving and little and big DIY's and crafts. They started blogging together about two and a bit years ago. However, their friendship starts about 13 years before then. They met each other back in September 1998 when they both had just started at Reading College. On their first day they happened to sit beside each other and have been friends ever since. Although blogging takes up a lot of their time, they both have day jobs and such.

H currently works at the Lightbox Museum in the learning department. At her job she helps with School visits and School holiday activities. The majority of the time the activities she will do will be creating dioramas or Shrink Plastics. The other times where she doesn't have workshops or setting up for them, she will be making sure Volunteers are booked, working on future projects, checking emails and making stock checks on the equipment using in workshops. 

Sammy also has a day job where she runs a Haberdashery shop. As she runs the shop, she has to do a lot of the heavy work- including putting together orders, seeing representatives, serving customers, VAT returns, filling and putting orders away. She also spends some time drawing and can draw some of the most realistic drawings I think have ever(!) seen. 

During the rest of their time, H and Sammy will continue to live busy lives. While not only writing blog posts, they also run their own workshops where they teach sewing and crafts. They also spend a lot of time and effort reaching out to their readers and will happily attend functions and workshops that they are able to travel to. 

I really enjoy reading their blog and always look forward to them uploading a new post. With each and every post you can tell that they've put in lots of effort into and it's always about something interesting. Having spoken to them both before on twitter and through blog comments they are probably the two nicest bloggers I have ever come up with. 

Pleas check them out here:
Sammy links: Pinterest / Instagram
H's links: Pinterest Instagram 

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  1. Awww, thanks so much for featuring us Lauren! You know we love your blog too <3
    Sammy xxx

    1. No worries! and thank you very much! :)



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