Lauren's Loves- Christmas Adverts

Sunday, November 17, 2013

This edition of Lauren's Loves is going to be a very seasonal rendition. Over the past week or so the new trend that everybody seems to be loving right now is all these new Christmas Adverts! Some adverts have been the talk of twitter over the past couple of says- especially last Sunday. 

First up is Marks and Spencers Christmas Advert. Combining several fairytale and other classic stories such as Little Red Riding Hood and Aladdin. The advert subtly showed of clothes and accessories by having key pieces in a statement red throughout the advert. It also features some famous faces including Helena Bonham Carter. Watch it here.

Another of my favourites this year is Morrisons advert featuring Ant & Dec. I've got to admit I'm mainly a sucker for this advert because it features Ant and Dec- I love those guys and can't wait for I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! However, I also do love those little gingerbread men that feature in it and sing. Watch it here.

The next of the new ones for this year is John Lewis's Christmas Advert called 'The Bear and Hare'. It's a very sweet story about a Bear that just wants to go into hibernation. The illustration that has been used is also very beautiful but I won't say anything else as it's just one of those adverts you need to watch. Watch it here.

One of my all time favourite Christmas adverts is the Irn Bru one created by the Scottish company Barr. The advert is basically a spoof of 'We're flying through the air' and Christmas Cartoon- The Snowman. The story shows a snowman that has came alive after hearing the sound of an Irn Bru can being opened. I'm sure if you watch this advert you will have a few giggles. Watch it here

My final favourite Christmas Advert is of course the Classic Coca Cola- Holidays Are Coming. Whenever I see this advert on tv you know it's coming up to Christmas and it's time to get seasonal. It literally is one of the kick starters of the Christmas season and I can't wait for it to be shown on tv more and more as Christmas draws closer! Watch it here.

I hope you enjoy these adverts and let me know what your favourite adverts are!

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