Hello November!

Friday, November 01, 2013

It's November!! I can't believe it's literally like 2months or so till Christmas! 

So the past month I've been very busy with college and work and other little bits and pieces. At college in the past month I think I've completed/been briefed on about 4 different projects! I think it's fair to say that I've been a bit busy with college and because of this it has ran me done a bit. I mean in the way of being 'run down' that because I've had to work on so many different kind of briefs, and create so much things not just for college, for this blog too! It has given me major creative block which wasn't great as it was during a project that I had no inspiration or motivation for what-so-ever! I'm starting to slightly come out of this but I think it may still be a while, I think I just need to stop being so stressed about having to create stuff and let it come a little more naturally. 

Moving on from the boring and stressful side of things, I HAVE actually started looking into and developing things to make and sell! I'm probably going to be buying some supplies and other things during the next week or so as I will have just been paid from my job at the Co-Op and will have a decent amount of money to get it all started up. However, I need to start saving up for my college London trip that we have just been given more information about this week!! so excited Hopefully I will be able to get my initial idea done and dusted this month and will be able to start selling stuff through Etsy but I'll just need to see how things go. At college just now, our brief is also to create a calendar and our lecturers have encouraged us to make it good enough to be able to sell so that's something else that may be coming!

That's really all the news I have for this month but I would like it if you all go say happy 18th birthday to my dear friend Clare! You can either say happy birthday through her blog here or twitter @claresloves

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