Geek Week- Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Review

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Last week I was continuously going on about my little geekyness for the week. This review will probably be the last of the Geek Week posts as 1. it has been a week and 2. I don't have too much else to say. Although, I will probably write a review in the future for the Xbox One but this probably won't be for another few weeks. The reason being for this is that I haven't played it very much yet and think I need to have a shot of it more. 
Anyway for now let's speak about the Doctor Who Anniversary episode!
*warning spoilers*

So on Saturday night, Darren and I got the bus from his house to town at about 20 to 7. When we got to the Cinema we were both gob smacked. It was packed! There wasn't much room to move about and even though Doctor Who Anniversary was on I think it didn't help with Catching Fire being released earlier in the week as well.
We went and stood in the queue so that we could get the tickets and the pre-ordered popcorn. I didn't really think ahead about how busy it would be but my god it was! We stood for maybe about 10 minutes in the queue waiting to be served then had to wait like another 5ish minutes to get all of our stuff. It didn't help either because my pre-order had to also be sorted by the supervisor because Cineworlds machines couldn't deal with pre-orders at the time. This meant he just had to hand write the details onto a blank bit of ticket paper. When we went into the cinema screen it was already pretty full and there was plenty of people dressed up in fez's, lines all over them and a few dressed as doctors. While waiting for the film to start more and more people came in dressed up.

Then on it came! 
Although since we were watching it in the cinema, they had pre-recorded two little mini sketch clips, which were so funny! I loved how from the beginning they played with the audience and how everybody fell for the trick of checking for Zygons. 

The anniversary episode featured both 10th and 11th Doctors- David Tennant and Matt Smith, current companion to 11- Jenna Coleman, 10's companion- Billie Piper and the forgotten Doctor- John Hurt. When I first heard about the cast I initially thought the companions would be with their Doctors and be on a fight against aliens. Oh how I was wrong! I liked the twist they did by making Billie Piper bad wolf.

This anniversary episode was probably one of my all time favourite episodes in the series- pushing the one with the Adiposes (bits of fat) to second place. This episode had everything that makes Doctor Who the best of British TV. It has comedy, fighting and the complete and utter Steven Moffat-ness. 

The relationship between Tennant and Smith was one of the things that made the episode for me. I love their brotherly relationship where one minute where they get on at each other and the next they are laughing and joking together. One of my personal favourites between them has to be when they both pop their glasses on and turn to each other and go "ohhhh!!", the look on their faces is priceless. I also loved where near the end when Tennant and Smith decide to take action in the Black Archives. They both have the save movements and copy each other perfectly- well I guess they should since they're meant to be the same person.

I also really loved John Hurts acting in this. He was definitely the grumpy granda but it played of the brotherly relationship Tennant and Smith had. I'm gutted that this will probably be the only time we will ever see Hurt in Doctor Who with a full storyline and that he won't have a season long episode like the rest. I think it would be really interesting to see how he was like as the Doctor in the earlier stages of the Time War. Like many 'grandpas' he was very oblivious to new and current things in the world, which made me chuckle. When he asked "what is cuppa soup?" it was just brilliant and everybody in the cinema screen laughed. It was also funny when Smith was like "Timey wimey" and Tennant acted like he had no idea what this was so Hurt just took the micky out of Smith. 

Another part of the film I really enjoyed was one I think many people did- the section with every doctor. The fan girl inside me wanted to shriek and cry with happiness. It was so cleverly edited together and it was one moment that will never be able to be replaced in the franchisee. 

I feel like I could keep writing on about this forever but I suppose I have to stop somewhere. But overall I was really happy with the Anniversary Episode even though I know not everybody was. I felt the writing protrade every Doctor to their personality traits and showed them of in the best way possible. It was also great that they made the story so engaging that somebody who hadn't watched the series before would have been able to watch it. I think many more people will now tune into watch the Christmas episode and onwards because of how successful it has been. If you haven't seen Doctor Who I would highly recommend that you check it out as it has something to appeal to everybody of all ages. 
I'm really looking forward to the Christmas episode (29 days!!) and seeing how Peter Capaldi will take on his role as the Doctor. 

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  1. Sounds like it was a really exciting day for you! Admittedly, I never got into Doctor Who, but my sister is crazy for it. She dressed up ad everything, it was so nice to see her so excited

    xx Carina

    1. Yeah definitely! I was working the morning for 3 hours and I did not shut up about it haha! I think the people I was working with was glad when I finished.
      And that's cool! What did she dress up as?



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