Geek Week- Catching Fire Review

Saturday, November 23, 2013

In the first post of Geek Week, I mentioned that I was seeing Catching Fire this week. Today I am just writing a little review about how I felt the film was. 
Before you continue reading I'll let you know now, there are some minor spoilers. 
Before I went and seen the film I knew that there was going to make some minor and possibly major changes to the film considering they had made some in the first film. The change that stuck out to me the most in the first film was the fact the changed the origin on how Katniss got the mockingjay pin.

In the first book Katniss is given the pin from Madge- the Mayors daughter. However, in the film she finds the pin while looking through the Hob. Even though this is a very minor change it really irritated me as in the book I feel like it gives the pin more meaning to Katniss in the first place. In the second book the connection between Katniss and the pin become a lot more apparent. This is because of the fact that it turns out that Madges auntie was once in the games and died. Madge's auntie was also friends with Katniss mother and obviously her death had and effect on her. 

Other changes in the film include how the events role out. In the film the events of Gale being whipped and the Hob being set up in flames happen in the same time span. However, in the book Gale is whipped for taking a turkey to the head Peacekeepers door who would normally buy the it- but with the new Head Peacekeeper being in District 12, he decides to whip Gale for stealing Capitol property. In the book it also seemed as if Katniss was more seriously injured than she looked in the film. 

Another event that slightly annoyed me about it not being included was how Peeta decided to take charge and get himself, Katniss and Haymitch all trained up and ready for competing in the games. During his training sessions, Haymitch is made to stop drinking by Peeta. However, in the film you can tell that in certain scenes he is obviously drinking/drunk. Even though he is meant to be sober from the day after the announcement and throughout the second book, it did make me chuckle when Haymitch acted in a drunken manner. Through Peeta's training regime he also makes Katniss and Haymitch watch The Hunger Games of winning victors who are still alive and who they could face before the reaping. During the train ride to the Capitol, Peeta and Katniss decide to watch Haymitch's games as this is the only Quell Games they have. The scene of where this happens in the book was one I was really hoping you would see in the film as I feel it would give a better insight into who Haymitch is. 

I have to admit in the film I adored Mags and Wiress! They were two of my favourite characters from the book and I loved them! I cried at both of their deaths even though I knew it was going to happen, but I think that's what made it hurt more! I'll admit I also cried at the part with Cinna- oh how I shall miss his designs! 
One character I expected not to like much was Johanna Mason. I don't really know why that is but I just didn't like her character much in the book. In the film though I loved her! She was the perfect amount of cocky that wasn't too much. 

Throughout the film the CGI was definitely of great standard! I loved how they showed the 'weak spots' of the dome. I also felt the way they used the CGI for the training section was amazing! In my head while reading the book I thought it would be an open area for when Katniss done her Archery session. But I liked how they secluded it off and how the practice targets worked.

Overall, I loved the film and felt like they used the time wisely for how long it was. Even though I'm upset they didn't include certain parts, the parts they did include were brilliant! Especially because of the fact it was more or less word to word exact for the dialogue. I don't really want to say much else as I do not want to give away the ending but let me know below what you thought of the film if you've seen it yet and also the books if you have read them!

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  1. I have heard from devote fans who are friends of mine who thought that the movie was very faithful to the book, despite a few things. It is always frustrating though when those moments your think are really important are left out. Anyway, I am still yet to see it, and I cannot wait any longer!

    Thank you for your lovely message on my blog! I love your blog too, and followed :)

    1. Yeah I get what you mean! It was just little things to be honest, but there was one pretty big thing that I feel should have been in the film as it was a pretty big part of the book, but oh well!
      Definitely go see it when you can, it was good! :)
      And no worries, thanks for the follow back!!

  2. Hi Lauren! You have a lovely blog! I'm a new follower!
    Do you want to visit my blog?
    Kiss, Erica

    1. Thank you! :) I'll definitely check your blog out!! :D



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