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Saturday, November 02, 2013

The next brief I had at college after the App Design, was to design an Infographic. The infographic we had to create had to related to Aberdeen in some sort of way. So we had a heap of freedom with the brief- which to be honest made it a lot harder for me.

For this brief for the research, the majority of mine was pinned through pinterest, however I did get a few snaps of infographics from around Aberdeen. If you want to have a look at my infographics you can do so here, also for one of my ideas I thought of creating a map infographic so you can look at that research here

So as I said we had a lot of freedom with this brief and to start of with and to do something a little different I decided to try and do one based on Cadonas Theme Park at the Beach in Aberdeen. However, after about 3 days trying to find information and such, I was sick of the idea and tried to move onto a new idea. 

My new idea was still loosely based on Cadonas as I was planning to do an infographic on things to do in Aberdeen. I was going to draw illustrations of some of the most important things to do in Aberdeen like visiting the Winter Gardens at Duthie Park and then write a little bit about this. However, after stressing out about how to lay it out and what information I was going to include I decided that I need something with a little more 'structure'.

For my final idea I decided that I needed to design something with structure, so that meant numbers! I ended up creating an infographic based on Aberdeens population and how it is divided up with each age group. In the end I feel like the idea for this probably had the best outcome and I didn't get so stressed out with it! 

Below is the final design I created for the infographic, you can click to enlarge the image.
I would upload all my development work and such but after completing this brief at college I really just want it to be done with. I didn't like this brief because I wasn't inspired by anything at the start so it made the whole process a lot harder- literally the hardest brief I've had to do since being at college this past year. 

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