Digital Imaging (Calendar)- Briefing & Research

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

After the horrible infographic unit I had to do, we were briefed with the second part of our Digital Imaging unit which is to create and design a calendar.
In our brief it said we were told to design a calendar that could be in any size and format. We also need to create at least 3 Vector and 3 Bitmap illustrations. Any Bitmaps we used had to be our own and could not be photos from the web, so we were limited to either photographing, scanning or creating bitmapped images in Photoshop. The calendar would have to have a minimum of 6 pages- 2 calendar months per page. 
We were also told that we need to think about paper stock and how the calendar would be put together as a final piece. 

We also had to do research- again mine was mainly developed from Pinterest. Even though the brief more specified looking at looking at calendars. I also looked at different types of illustration. Some of the images below are my favourite pieces and what inspired me mainly. Can you guess what mines looking like so far?

At the start of the unit I was initially going to go down a mainly illustration route and making symbols/icons from iconic events and holidays that happened during each month. However, after speaking to my lecturer advised me to go back and do a bit more sketching to see there would be any way that I could experiment more with different materials.

From that, I managed to find a new route that I liked and was able to be heavily inspired by different things to create a more unique idea. My main inspiration so far in this unit has been from Sandra Deickmann- who was my designed I featured on LiveMakeDesign the other week, you can read about that here.

In the meantime I am still working on the calendar as I have another week or so to complete the unit. I will make a new post when I have officially finished the unit. You can see little sneak peaks of my final design and development over at my Instagram here.

Let me know what kind of calendar you think I'm designing below! And link me to any calendar designs you have created as well! 

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