10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

Sunday, November 24, 2013

This is a new kind of post I'm doing today. I'm wanting to add a bit more 'life' to my blog and what way to do that than write about what's made my life a little better this week?

  1. Passing my Calendar (digital imaging) unit at college and getting great feedback! -Read about it here.
  2. Lots and lots of Hot Chocolate
  3. Passing somebody called "Mr White" through streetpass on my DS for the second time
  4. musicmusicmusic!
  5. The relationship between Tennant and Smith in the anniversary episode. And how Tennant put the blame on Smith for "timey wimey". Review to come soon.
  6. Haymitch's cheekiness/drunkenness in Catching Fire made me laugh every single time. Read the review here
  7. Finding a picture of my second hamster- Tiny Tim while tiding my bedroom. 
  8. Someone tweeted that they were going to start up a blog because they were inspired by mine. 
  9. All the compliments on twitter about my Calendar.
  10. Getting a good deal the day after Joanne Hawkers Market Night- expecting all of the items to have been sold on the night.
Overall, it has been a good week but every week has its ups and downs. So here 3 of the things that have made me annoyed/upset me this week.
  1. On my driving lesson I was driving on a Dual Carriageway in the city at the speed limit when a driver decided to go in the right lane (I thought she was going to turn left at the roundabout or over taking) but then she signalled right to come back into the left lane. I thought this was fine and didn't expect much but then she basically stopped straight away after moving back into the left land causing me to break abruptly and was about 1 meter away from crashing into the back of her.
  2. My Avon orders normally come on a Wednesday between 4 and 6pm. For this and last campaign they have both came on a Thursday. What annoyed me more is that it came at 10 to 10 at night(!). 
  3. People purposefully pushing in front of you in queues.

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  1. it's good you have more good things than bad things :) xx

    1. Yeah definitely! Although the Avon and Driving stuff really did annoy me! haha xx



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