Weekly Words #20

Friday, October 25, 2013

This weeks design for weekly words is inspired by illustrator and painted Oana Befort. I really loved the style of her water coloured paintings of flowers. You should definitely go check out her designs! The quote inspiration for this week has just been something that's been on my mind  lately. 

Since completing my App Design, I've been in a bit of a creative rut, not a good thing since I've got another design brief to complete for Monday! So I've had a hard past few weeks try to do this. However, I need to just keep experimenting and doing other pieces of art to try and get my creativity back up to speed.

So I hope you like the design below, to sort of 'develop' my skills and such more, some day I might try and do a water colour version of it soon. I've not used water colour properly since being in Secondary School doing my higher art (like a year and a half ago!). So I quite want to practice with it more.

The font I used to create this design is A Gentle Touch by Vanessa Bays.

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