Weekly Words #18

Friday, October 11, 2013

This weeks weekly words is again inspired by Charles Trippy. Charles, with his wife Alli, vlog by the name of CTFxC and Charles is in the band We The Kings. The reason being for this is because of the amount of stuff he has had to go through this past year...

On the February 23rd last year, Charles was out on tour with his band- We The Kings. While walking back to the tour bus Charles suffered a seizure and lost consciousness. He was then taken to the hospital after friend and bandmate Danny Duncan called the emergency services. After being in hospital and having tests done, it was discovered by doctors that Charles a brain tumour, which was not malignant. Two days after the incident, Charles and his wife Alli decided to go home so that Charles would be able to have surgery nearer home. After having his surgery on the 6th of March, 2012,  Charles had his tumour removed and was able to return home a few days later as the surgery had been successful. He later found out after returning home that the tumour was benign.

However, about a year later Charles had been admitted to hospital again after he had suffered from two seizures. He was allowed home later that day and scans later showed that there was no regrowth in the tumour. 
3 months later, Charles suffered from another seizure and was once again admitted and discharged from hospital on the same day. Charles was told his seizure was caused by stress related issues and lowering of medication dosage. 
Sadly, last month on September 3rd, Charles suffered another seizure and was once again admitted to hospital. From that days vlog, Charles announced that there was a small piece left in his brain after the surgery from 2012. Because of this, it meant that Charles had to have another surgery that would remove it. About 3 weeks later, he underwent the surgery while being awake. He briefly vlogged his operation with help from surgical staff that can be seen here. The next day it came apparent that Charles was having complications with his left side of his body. Charles was then given therapy sessions while being hospital, a lot of which was vlogged. After being able to go home and making more progress, Charles was told that his brain tumour (previously benign) was now malignant. From this, it means Charles will most likely have to go through a course of oral chemotherapy. 

I truly believe that once again Charles will beat his illness and that he will continue to be an inspiration to millions of people. 
If you would like to watch their videos or find out more about them you can do so here:
To watch Charles & Allis vlogs go to: http://www.youtube.com/CTFxC
Check out We The Kings at: http://www.wethekingsmusic.com/
His twitter: https://twitter.com/CharlesTrippy

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