September Shopping Haul

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I know this is quite a delayed September related post since it's almost November (ohmygod!) but I've only been so busy lazy to do it any other time but it's here now!

1.Fox Shopper Bag / 2. Set of 3 Washi Tape / 3. Turtle Push Pins / 4. 2014 Quote Calendar from Waterstones
5. Multicoloured Push Pins / 6. Happy Birthday Washi Tape / 7. Bunny Stapler
8. All Over Face Make-Up Brush / 9. Woodland Fox A5 Notebook / 10. Handmade Market Place Book

                 (left) Cat Tshirt                         (right) Christmas Tshirt from Primark
A lot of the things I have bought from last month are now unavailable to buy from where I originally bought it from so I'll just link to the company I bought it from.

What have you been buying the past month?

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