Moo Sample Pack

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Recently, I have been thinking about my End of Year Exhibition -even though its months away- and how we need to do a bit of branding for ourselves. So because of this I have been slightly looking into companies that do printing for things like business cards and such.

One company that I know are very known for their business card printing is Moo. I think this is one company everybody seems to know about just because they are the most mainstream one there is. However, I decided to order their free sample pack and I received it the other week.

I really like the design of the pocket all the samples came in. The design is very sleek and simple, letting the designs that come with the sample pack do all the talking. 

The designs that came in the pack were very nicely designed and definitely showed of the content well. However, I do slightly wish that the pack they sent me was a bit more relateable to my area that I picked through the whole process. 

I really like the glossy designs but I think I would slightly prefer the heavier stock (right hand side) or the eco friendly (second row, second right) paper stock. Although, I think these packs are considerably a bit more expensive than the standard paper stock. 

The stickers they also sent came out really nice and I like the fact that you can get multiple designs on the stickers. The card they also sent me are really nice but I've got to admit I'm still a sucker for the ones I was sent back in June from Awesome Merchandise. I think I'm just a sucker for brown paper tbh. 

Overall I am really impressed with the sample pack I was sent. I will be keeping them in mind for later on in the year when I need to get business cards created!

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  1. I Love your lemoniade packages :) Your blog is absolutely fabulous. I can't wait to read and see more. I'm your newest follower via bloglovin. I'd love it if you could check out my blog and follow me back as well! Also, if you'd like to keep in touch via FB just do so and let me know.

    Lovely greets B.

    1. Thank you! And I'll definitely check your blog out thank you! :)



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