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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This weeks LiveMakeDesign'r is illustrator and graphic designer Joanne Hawker. 

Joanne currently lives and works in a small corner of Somerset, however that hasn't stopped her from making it big in the design world. After graduating from the University of Wales Institute in 2010, Joanne has since been working on freelance projects while also working full time. From her own work, she has been able to have her work and designs sold through companies including: John Lewis, Oxford Street (during the summer of the Olympics) and has a Not On The High Street store

Although Joanne graduated with a 1st in Graphic Design, she likes to dive into many different mediums. However, she particularly enjoys designing for print and patterns. 

In her work, Joanne is inspired by her surroundings. Whether that be a song lyric stuck in her head or she'll make a quick scribble from something she sees. Her main source of inspiration seems to come from wildlife and rural areas. Like many other creatives, Joanne also follows other designers and illustrators through the likes of twitter and features them on her blog. Finding and following different designers helps her find new styles and themes that she has yet not came across. She has also been inspired by events she has seen, experienced and heard while being abroad. 

In the next part of Joannes creative step, she will make doodles and scribbles from anything that inspires her from above. From this, she will then look back at what she has done and either pick elements she likes and develop them into further sketches and then finalise her designs on the computer using her Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet. 

Very recently, Joanne has designed and has now got Iphone cases for sale- Android will be hopefully be available later on. She has also been developing and redesigning some new prints that will hopefully be available from her shop soon too. 

To find out more about Joanne or to look at her work then go here:

*images are copyright to Joanne Hawker

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