Hello October!

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Once again another new month is here! Where does the time fly? Soon it'll be Christmas!! Am I allowed to say that yet or will I be shunned into silence?

Over the past month I have been updating my blog with work from my college briefs and it's been great to see your feedback and to see what you thing about my designs. It's also helped for getting some feedback and has definitely boosted my confidence on my work. This month I will be continuing uploading posts about my current briefs but I probably won't have as much going on as I'm off from college for week from the 21st October and I go back on the 28th! However, make sure you follow my instagram as I am going to try and upload any development photos when I can there. 

Last month I also said that I was considering creating and selling some of my own designs- which I still have to do... oops! It's just been difficult to keep up with everything since I am at college Monday-Wednesday 9-5 most days and working 2-3 days a week at the co-operative, plus the 2-3 days I spend still doing Avon and writing these blog posts every week. However, I would be very grateful if you let me know if you would like to be able to buy and own any of my designs in forms of prints and possibly notebooks and buttons (I'm still yet to put my button maker that I got for my birthday to use). I am also still considering developing the designs I made over the holidays as thank you's from my birthday and make them as freebie downloads. 
I will also be showing of my designs from my current college brief probably later this week. From the designs I created for this I may also decide to sell or give them away as freebies but I'd like to know what you all thought of them first and to see if anybody would be interested in the first place! Make sure you keep an eye for this post later on this week then!

The design above was created using the typeface called Lobster designed by Pablo Impallari. This font has been a real favourite of mine this past month (as you can know I used it in my Design Production) and it is literally being used everywhere! 

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