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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Well it seems like it was forever ago that I first uploaded the Research and Development parts to this brief! But today is about the packaging and promotional stuff that I had to create as part of my unit. 

Over the last 2 weeks it's been pretty quiet around here with things to do with college briefs and stuff. However, at college I've been busy designing, printing, scoring, cutting and making prototypes and finals. For one of my package design I literally created about 5 or 6 prototypes because of things like edges not lining up and forgetting to print on where I needed to score or cut for in folds. 

I also spent a very long time developing the box for the starter kit. This was mainly on the last day I had before getting out photos taken of our products for our promotional designs. The reason being that the printers in college decided to be messing up a lot. When I first printed it out on my paper stock, it was printed backwards. The second time the printer jammed when I was testing it to see which was I would need to print it to work. Then when I ended up trying to print on my paper stock again after the printer jammed, the file that had jammed decided to print on that paper. So that was another A3 piece of paper down the tube! On my final try I finally managed to get it printed right, glad that it did because I would have ended up throwing the printer out the window (figuratively obviously). 
Net for the original starter kit box
After all the testing and tribulations of the box, it still didn't turn out well. The paper stock I had didn't seem to hold up well and because I had been printing on both sides, it didn't align up properly. Since it didn't align up properly it meant that when I was trying to score and cut parts, some areas of the design were in the wrong place which meant the box didn't close properly. 

On an impromptu decision I decided I'd create a smaller box, similar to what a pack of cards comes in. I had been thinking of doing this during that week but I thought I'd carry on with my initial idea. However, in the end after all the problems with it, I broke down and decided to try it. It worked perfectly! So I'm glad that I ended up going with that idea.

The final net for my starter kit box
I'm glad I actually went with the idea of the smaller box because I feel like it would be easier to carry if say you were going on holiday and you were wanting to do some scrapbooking while away.

The other package design I created was for Washi tape. The process for creating the final for this seemed to go a lot more smoothly than the starter kit did. The tape was the design that I seemed to create about a million different nets and prototypes but in the end it came out well and I was really happy with how it came out in the end! 
The net for the tape design

Now to go on to the final pieces of packaging and the promotional piece! 

We were initially meant to have one of the photographers from the college come and take the photos for us, but in the end he wasn't able to come. This meant that we were made to basically do it ourselves. I hadn't really used a camera like that before so I felt a bit like a noob! I feel like my photos came out well but I really do wish I took the time to take a bit more photos and get a couple of different shots of my designs. 

The two above are the two I most liked to be honest. The top photo shows of the designs of the inserts I also created along the theme of travel. I probably spent a bit too much time messing around and designing them but I still had everything done and dusted by the time I had the photos taken and for when I had my assessment.

After getting my photos onto the computer it meant developing a piece of promotional material. Now intially I wasn't sure what to do and was just going to go for the default magazine advert. But half way through my designing of it I realised it would work better as a leaflet that could be kept beside the products if they were sold in shops or inserted into magazines. 

I used the bottom image of my photographs for the design and created clipping masks on illustrator so that I could have the individual products without the backgrounds. I also selected a few of my insert designs and laid them out. To give them a bit more definition I added a Gaussian blur behind them and moved it slightly so that it looked like a shadow. 

Overall I am happy with my final outcomes for my design and I hope you liked them too! 

My next brief is for Castle Fraser and is only a one week one (which ended this past week), so I will upload my designs and what I had to create for that brief next week after presenting it. 

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