App Design- Final

Sunday, October 20, 2013

So last weekend I showed some of the photos I took while I was away on my Castle Fraser trip/briefing. Today, I am showing the final designs I produced for this brief. Obviously I did have to do sketches and research but because it was a one week brief I kept the majority of my research on Pinterest and only pulled designs I found most inspirational onto the files I was working on. With my sketches I did do a few but I never really went very in-depth with these and more experimented with designs on illustrator.

For my design I decided to base it on Miss Bristow and Elyza Frasers walled garden (you can see some photos of the garden here). I wasn't too fond on the idea of creating an information guide/digital tour to use while visiting the Castle and thought that a game would be much more engaging. I also feel like games are a lot more popular among teens and young adults.

My main inspiration for the design of my game came from 'Dots' a game produced by Betaworks One. Their game is all about connecting dots and trying to get the highest possible score. The game I decided to create and design was inspired also by tetris and candy crush. In my game you had to try and create 'flower beds' by connecting 3 or more flowers but the higher the levels you got, the harder the game became. In the harder levels, wasps get introduced as the object that causes all the problems but suns are introduced to try and help the gamer. 

Below are the designs I created for the game mounted up to look like they're on Iphones and on the Itunes Store. Hope you like them!

p.s. next college related post will probably be up this week with the final design being uploaded possibly the week after. 

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