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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The next brief I'm doing at college is to create an app for or based on Castle Fraser. We were given our brief for this mini unit on the day we visited Castle Fraser. 

We left for Castle Fraser and apart from our lecturers, we had no idea what our next brief was going to be about. To be honest, I didn't have high expectations for our trip to be very worthwhile, however, I was wrong. 

In our brief we were told "have been asked to develop an app inspired by Castle Fraser and its surroundings. This could be based on the castle’s history or specific events, the building itself or the beautiful surrounding gardens and features." We were given quite a lot of freedom with this brief so you could create your app to be an information guide or make it into the form of a game. We were also told that we would only have to the front end of the design for the app, so didn't have to worry about how the app would actually function. For this brief we needed to include 3 pages of design (like what a screenshot of the app would look like), a brief for the app store and (optional) an app icon. We were told to have to mock up our designs so that they looked like they were being presented on an phone or tablet.

So throughout the morning we were given a tour that lasted about 45 minutes- an hour long and spent the rest of the time around the grounds. During our tour we were given detailed information about the people who lived in the Castle and events that happened there. We were also taken into a few rooms that are not normally open to the public and were allowed to take photographs that could potentially be used for the app. For the rest of the time we were there, me and Clare spent our time going through the Walled Garden, walking rounds the grounds, looking round their themed play park and sitting on the swings. 

Below are about a third of the photos I took while being at Castle Fraser*- it was a really lovely day which was lucky! However, if you are able to visit then I highly recommend you do as it is a beautiful Castle with some fascinating stories to tell! 

*You can click to enlarge them.

one of my favourite rooms! the patch work was amazing!

a view from the top of the castle of the gardens
a view from the top of the castle
a view from the top of the castle
a view from the top of the castle

a symbol that can be found all over the castle
a 'spy' hall put in the castle by one of the people who lived there

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