Weekly Words #16

Friday, September 27, 2013

This weeks motivational words are "Do something amazing", whether that be something like running a marathon, helping out a friend or just creating some awesome work! Just do it! 

This weeks quote stemmed from a design I seen through pinterest that you can see here. I have started using pinterest a lot more since being back at college so follow me on it for some little bits of inspiration! I have also had to create a blog using tumblr for college purposes, but since I already used tumblr before hand I just slightly recreated my tumblr page so that it would be a bit more fitting for the purposes.

To follow me on pinterest you can do so here and to follow me at my tumblr blog follow me here

Now on to the actual designs! As many of you may know, I can be very indecisive at times. So once again, this week has more than one final design! The reason being for this is because of me being indecisive again but also because when I started asking friends which designs they liked best I suddenly realised- and it was pointed out to me- that the collection of designs I sent them created a 'traffic light' like effect.

I hope you enjoy these designs and please let me know below in the comments which one is your favourite colour way of the design! 

This weeks design has been created using the font Windsor Hand designed by Skyhaven

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