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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

This weeks LiveMakeDesign is going to be about quirky design and blog duo- Vivid Please.

The duo is made up of Vicky and David from Scotland. They two work together one their designs for their shop and their blog. Between the two, they have a fine art and graphic design background, plus lots of varied creative experience.

In their online shop over at Etsy, they have collections of items including cards, wooden brooches, illustrated prints, IPhone cases and other little bits and pieces! I love literally everything in their store and I am still holding back from spending 100's of pounds in there. But if you are looking for any Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary presents just now then you should have a look at their shop because its perfect for a quirky gift.

Vivid Please have featured in Vogue Bambini and Biba Magazine, and have had their DIYs published with Nido Magazine, Homespun Magazine and online with Mollie Makes - and have been featured as "Crafty Superstars" on Cut Out + Keep too. 

Over at the blog, they post about their lives, new items to their shop, DIY's and giveaways. Their blog design was also one of the inspirations for my blog update! 

I recently purchased a rare card that they are selling through their shop for my boyfriends Christmas. I was really please with their delivery and how they kept me updated about when it would be getting shipped. The shipment of my order only took a day or so after being put in the post, but then this is probably because of the fact that we live in the same country and aren't thousands of miles away from each other. They were also very considerate and made sure they put in the post so that it would be picked up the same day as they weren't wanting it to be sitting in the postbox over the bank holiday weekend. 
I really adored the presentation of the package as it was obviously addressed to me but they also included "Oh Hay! Blogs" under my name- which was a really cute and thoughtful idea! Inside the package was obviously the card I'd ordered was in a plastic sleeve, wrapped in tissue paper with an adorable smiley sticker keeping it closed shut. Inside the tissue paper there was also small circle cut outs from tissue paper which are still sitting in the package, which I'll probably use in Darren's Christmas present. I also had the invoice which was something I hadn't really put much thought into getting to be honest. However, I felt they really added a personal touch by Vicky leaving a note saying "thank you" and giving me a real design boost! 

I really adore these two, their work and blog so I highly suggest you go over check their blog and store! I'm 100% sure you'll be having a little giggle at their cheesy one liners!

You can find Vivid Please here:

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  1. Awww! What an amazing write up! Thanks so much Lauren :D I actually have been stuck in bed with a terrible cold the past few days and only just discovered you're post as it is has been getting us Etsy views and came up in our stats! Just goes to show that you're blog rocks :D Thank you so much for making my day - I'm so pleased you are a fan of our work! Vicky xox

    1. No worries! I hope you feel better soon. And thank you haha! xox



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