LiveMakeDesign- Stacie Swift

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This weeks LiveMakeDesign'r is illustrator Stacie Swift. 

Stacie is one of the first bloggers/designers I followed when I started this blog as I already followed her and adored her work from finding her through Twitter suggestions. 

From graduating in 2011 from Middlesex University, where she studied for her BA in illustrations, Stacie has gone on to create a line of greeting cards, notebooks, art prints and invitations. She first started creating her line of greeting cards when her University had a pop up shop where she decided to design and sell some of her own creations. Since her uni days, Stacie has gone on to develop her own shop and sells her products far and wide- with stockists ranging from throughout the UK to even the likes of Australia. 

Her inspirations stems from the little things that happen in daily life, patterns, prints, different perspectives/proportions and of course, a range of illustrators and designers. Some designers and illustrators whose work she likes are Rob Ryan, Hennie Haworth and Julia Pott. The reasons being for this is because they can work in many different mediums but yet have a consistent style throughout their work. 

As well as running her shop, Stacie runs a blog with regular updates- most of which are to do with any projects she's working on at the time. However, she does have a section on her blog that are based on food & lifestyle and little bits about her business- one of which discusses her journey into becoming an illustrator. 

As of recently, Stacie has continued to be busy, with getting married last month and for being a contributor and having a stand at the Autumn Top Drawer London Exhibition. Over the past year, she has also been able to have more and more of her designs sold in shops. Some of her stockist from this year include DOWSE design and Rizzoli Bookshop at Somerset House.  

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