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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This weeks LiveMakeDesign is designer, blogger and all round awesome person- Lauren Goodland! 

Some of you may recognise that I featured Lauren's blog- DorkFeatures in my Liebster Award but I didn't really get to say much about her. I found Lauren's blog a month ago while flicking through the bloglovin 'popular posts' and I seriously fell in love with her blog! 

Lauren is a 19 year old who is studying Graphic Communication. The reason of which I adore her blog, as she also makes a lot of arty and creative themed posts which are perfect for someone who is always looking for new forms of inspiration!

On the DorkFeatures blog, Lauren posts about her life and design & crafty stuff. Some of her posts such as the 'Sudden Surge of Creativity' have inspired me to create an art journal- something I have not yet done seriously way too lazy. A lot of her posts seem to give me some sort of creativity stimulus, whether it's about what she's bought recently or some pretty papers! Even today, I am still sitting, leafing through her blog and reading months old posts just because of an interesting topic or some pretty pictures! 

I hope you can find some inspiration amongst the posts on her blog like I have. 

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